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Fanon-Eon Kuroi-Shinzo
Eon Kuroi-Shinzo
Biographical information

The Negator





Physical description







175 lbs.

Hair color

Light green

Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Dual knives, Negator Gauntlet and Synchronization Gauntlet

Fighting style(s)

Chi blocking, various martial arts

Bending style(s)

Supposedly none


Superhuman agility, Negation Field(requires active Negator Gauntlet), Grappler Snake Knives




Borero, Lieutenant, Hiroshi Sato, Equalists


Benders, Team Avatar, Metalbending Police

Chronological and political information




First appearance

Book 5: Game of Despair


A scientific combatant who defected from an organization whose base goal was the elimination of Ryu (or rather Xegia and all his reincarnations) at the same time Borero did, eventually going their separate ways. After several years perfecting the "Negation Theory", a theory in which one can negate spiritual capabilities via the use of technologies tracing back to blueprinted tech that he had stolen. After many years of perfecting his tech and fighting style, he sought Borero out.

Fanon-Eon Crossing Over

Eon, crossing over to Korra's world via Borero Resonance Portal.

His search led him to the Leylines, where he accidentally crosses into another world. Realizing Borero was in this world, he tirelessly looked for him, finding him during his training. Joining forces after being promised a position of power, Eon under the alias Aero Shinto, secretly gathered the scattered Equalists in less than a month's time. When he finally made his presence known, he led an assault on two fronts. The first was the attempted kidnap of President Raiko, which was intended as a diversion. The second, which he personally led, was the jailbreak and recruitment of the former Equalist leaders, Hiroshi Sato and The Lieutenant, the latter joined despite suspicions of their new leader was just like Amon. Revealing his true personality and technological equipment led the man to side with "Aero". After informing Borero in his success in gathering the Equalists movement, he went to work preparing the next stage of their plans.

At the Battle on Aang Memorial Island, Eon fought against Tenzin, but Eon's speed and Negation Field merely met a stalemate against the Airbending Master's Ability. This was all according to plan however, as Eon reveals that he has recorded data of Tenzin's full capabilities and planned to tap the Leyline's power in Chireru's respective dimension in order to translate the data for Borero to master the element necessary to achieve his full potential. He subsequently flees the battle with Borero after the revelation, declaring that in five days the worlds will end...


A cruel and cunning individual who converts positions of power. He looks down on those with incredible spiritual and magic based abilities, save for those who have strong and cruel ambitions of their own, like Borero. His personality mirrors his actions and abilities. He isn't about manipulating another's insecurities for his own benefit. In contrast with his cruel and sadistic demeanor, he is quite honest.


Combat Knives

Eon's weapons of choice, which he uses for typical close quarters combat as well as channeling spiritual potential through in order to utilize his Grappler Snake Knives.

Negator Gauntlet

The Gauntlet on his right arm, which is used to produce his trademark Negation Field.

Synchronization Gauntlet

The Gauntlet on his left arm and is the polar opposite to the Negator Gauntlet. This Gauntlet is used to collect data on techniques, all forms of energy and even spiritual composition and chi application. All data collected requires a translator of a sort as it is in an unreadable binary code...

Ninjutsu Smoke Bombs

An item of last resort that is always carried with him. These powerful, non-lethal smoke bombs are always used to cover an escape from adversity beyond his capability to deal with.


Grappler Snake Knives

Eon has less than average amount of spiritual potential. To counter this, he fine tuned his spirit control through the use of his knives, allowing for fast paced, multi-purpose utilization, including med to long range combat, and a defense mechanism which parries attacks that the Negation Field otherwise could not negate.

Super human agility

In order to fight toe to toe with the likes of Chireru, he focused his fighting style on four things; Negation Technology, martial arts, Grappler Snake Knives, and his incredible agility. Because of his rather slender body frame, he was incapable of developing his strength in the same manner as a typical fighter, so he focused solely on leg strength and high-speed movement.

Negation Field

Eon Negation

Eon, with an active Negation Field.

A field of plasma energy generated via the Negator Gauntlet, it protects the wielder from all spiritual energy based attacks, pure magic, as well as the bending arts. If a Kekkai State user tries to launch a physical assault and makes contact with the field, the user's Kekkai State is canceled out and unable to enter a Kekkai State for 15 minutes. The Negation Field can run continuously for 72 hours before the Negator Gauntlet Overheats. Earthbending, Avatar State enhanced bending, Shingan and Eva's "Spirit Recreation Technique" are all unaffected by the Negation Field, it is also shown that it takes time to absorb either airbending or firebending, with the former forcing the Negation Field wielder back due to the varying force of the air in question while with the later creating a possible blind spot until the flames are fully absorbed.

Martial Arts Master

A master of various martial art styles. Over the course of rebuilding the Equalist movement, he learned chi blocking techniques from numerous Equalists supporters.


  • Eon is the name of a character I previously scrapped.
  • Kuroi-Shinzo is Japanese for "Black Heart".
  • Aero Shinto is an original character of Chitose Gen. Eon used this name as his alias to pay homage to a fellow scientist who, like him, has little to no spiritual potential.
  • His appearance is based on Hazama from the Blazblue series.

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