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Messing with the Clouds



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December 11, 2013

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Chapter One: Envy?

Chapter One: Envy?

Amidst all the celebration, Aang ignored the ongoing commotion and realised that his eyes could only be fixated on one person. Her flowing curls were as breathtaking as always. Her hair loopies were now connected to a light pink hibiscus at the back of her head, and she was wearing her green cheongsam, analogous to the formal attire she wore on the day of Zuko's coronation.

Three years had already passed since that day, and there were still many duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled by the young Avatar, but thankfully there was Katara by his side, and that made all the difference. She was making small talk with Suki and Toph, and surprisingly the usually unamused Mai also joined in the conversation, but she did really change from a 'dingy and gray' kind of girl, to a slightly more, cheery and passionate kind of girlfriend.

Aang averted his gaze and closed his eyes. He recalled the image of Katara, albeit seeing her just a few seconds ago. He stole another furtive glance, but this time, she caught his eye, sending a smile and a wink his way. Aang was exposed, his cheeks erupting in flames warmer than the Fire Lord's war room.

"Everyone gather round, dinner's ready!" Fire Lord Zuko's authoritative voice boomed across the room. All, but one slowly took their seats. Sokka scrambled onto the nearest chair he could find. A shocked Suki sighed as her fiancée literally drooled at the spread, reminding herself that should had already been accustomed to his crazy antics.

Aang closed his eyes, and shook his head, chuckling. Typical Sokka. He made his way to the table and took the seat next to Zuko, and Katara made her way next to him. Aang, instinctively stood up and pulled out the chair next to him for his girlfriend, beckoning her to take her seat.

"Why thank you, sweetie."

Suki sat next to her and groaned with envy, "I wish Sokka could be half as gentlemanly as Aang." Katara sat down, laughing quietly, "Just try to dine with him when he isn't that hungry, but that's unlikely because he always is." Suki looked at barbaric Sokka next to her and shrugged. Katara pat her sister-in-law's shoulder encouragingly.

"Let's EAT! I'm starving!" Sokka screamed. Everyone burst into laughter, and the meal commenced. There was an abundant variety of food, ranging from the Water Tribe's stewed sea prunes to the Earth Kingdom's roast duck, to the Fire Nation's smoked sea slugs, to the Air Nomads' fruit pie. No one was left out.

"Let's eat, sweetie." Aang greeted Katara with a smile. Katara pecked his cheek lightly, smiling with approval.

Halfway into the meal, Zuko stood up, "Everyone, I would like to make a toast to some people. Firstly, I would like to thank Aang, Katara, Sokka, and..." he rose his glass towards the ceiling, "my sister, Azula, wherever you are, for helping me to find my mother, such that we can have this joyous reunion today." He moved his glass in a circular motion, towards everyone he toasted to. Aang, Katara and Sokka rose their glasses and sipped their drinks.

"Secondly, I would like to toast to Ikem, Mother and little Kiyi," He smiled and Kiyi giggled in return, "for being such a happy family that I can be proud of." They rose their glasses and sipped.

"Lastly, I would like to thank everyone, for being here today. Oh yes, I have great news to announce. Mai and I, are engaged, our wedding would be held soon, be ready to receive some invitations!" Zuko beamed, Aang had never seen him more delighted since he found his mother, and Mai slapped his leg playfully. Ursa looked at the pair proudly. But Katara, in envy.

Aang noticed her unfamiliar expression. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Aang, let's just eat." Katara said a bit too hurriedly, she always blinks when she lies.

Aang knew something was wrong, but his still-young-and-naïve mind had no idea what.

After the meal, everyone was drawn back to their conversations.

Katara was slightly more down than she was... Everyone, but Aang and I, are engaged, and I'm already past 16, maybe I shouldn't be giving him so much pressure, after all we are still young, and he has his Avatar duties, but... Aang has no sign that he wants to settle down at all...

At the same time, Aang was also significantly more gloomy, perturbed by his girlfriend's sudden change in mood. Isn't Mai and Zuko's engagement supposed to be good news? Why is Katara so disheartened by the announcement? Don't tell me she... There was just one person he could ask, Sokka. Who knew his sister better other than himself?

"Sokka, I need a word." Aang awkwardly cut in between Sokka and Suki's flirting session, Suki's stammered as she blushed furiously. Sokka released her from his embrace and whistled. Aang rolled his eyes and dragged him towards the teashop's balcony.

"Alright, alright, what's up?" He was clearly distracted as he looked into the teashop, giving an abnormally big smile and a flying kiss to no other than Suki. Aang groaned and airbended a gust of wind at his hair. Sokka's attention was once again on Aang. "Keep you and your air to yourself, air boy!" Sokka screeched as he combed his hair with his fingers and back into his warrior's wolf tail. A small giggle was faintly heard from the teashop.

"Sokka! I really need your help!" every inch of Aang's face was etched with seriousness.

"Okay, okay, I'm listening." Sokka protested.

"Do you have any idea why Katara is acting this way?"

"What way?"

"With the disappointment and the sadness and all when Zuko announced his engagement with Mai! Do you think, you know.." Aang choked on his words, "She likes Zuko, that's why she was so sad?"

"Are you insane?! She's smitten with you! Zuko? Ridiculous. Even if that happens I will never ever approve. I don't know why but I just won't. I'm a hardcore Kataang shipper!" Sokka noogied Aang with his elbow. "You are my ideal brother-in-law, if anyone is suitable for her, it's you Aang!"

Aang's heart swelled with pride as Sokka's affirmation. "But I still don't understand why she is acting this way."

"There can only be one explanation. She's sad that all of us have proposed to our girls, but you haven't proposed to her yet! If may you excuse me." Sokka ran like a man on fire towards Suki.

Aang was left alone with his thoughts, mulling over Sokka's words. That's it! I'll just have to propose to her! But reality sunk it... There was so much to do! I'll have to do a betrothal necklace...

But on what occasion should I pop the question? It must be a special day!

Aang thought for a moment, That's it! Her birthday is in two months time!

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