By Avatar226 Part of the Avatar: Legend of Ryu continuity.

Entropy is the system of how energy works in the Avatar: Legend of Ryu. When energy changes form some energy gets lost.

Effects and Counters

Entropy is a cycle e.g. when you carry it the energy changes form when you drop it. When energy gets lost some energy changes form. A way to counter entropy is to find a source of energy not limited by the laws of the universe.


The Avatar's job is to stop entropy in the universe. The Avatar Spirit serves as an unlimited energy source not limited by the laws of the universe. When the reincarnation cycle begins again, the baby (who is the Avatar) counters better energy more than its youth, teens or adulthood.

Result of Entropy Takeover

If the Avatar Spirit dies, the universe will change its timeline to match a suitable energy. That suitable energy causes entropy in others people may not be moved to the new timeline and be mere memories or loose of existence. The timeline could downgrade and change its technology.

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