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Enter Tintsu

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The first chapter of The Legend of Tintsu, We meet Tintsu, the main character and center of the entire story arc. No member of Team Avatar is in this chapter, but don't worry, they'll be in the next one.


Tintsu relaxed, allowing the pure cosmic energy to flow through his body. As it flowed, it washed away all his earthly attachments, all his desires, all his wants and needs. He no longer felt hunger or fatigue. The cosmic energy filled him better than any food, refreshed him better than any sleep. It kept him from aging, or getting sick. It was truly the cure for life.

The process of absorbing cosmic energy however cut off perception of time, and if it weren't for the fact that cosmic energy can only be effectively collected at night, years would pass in this state without him even realizing it. What felt like a second passed then he felt the energy weaken and cease. He opened his eyes and noticed it was dawn.

Tintsu sighed. "Nights always have been shorter during the summer." He muttered to himself, still feeling a little tired. He got up and started to walk back to the village. Tintsu spent most of his time in the Earth Kingdom village of Temujin. But every night just before sunset he would climb up the mountain that overlooked the Village to meditate at the summit's shrine. The shrine was nothing more than a very tall stone cylinder (20-30 feet) placed at the highest point of the mountain, with a spiraling staircase that led to the top. At the top, there was a giant symbol of earthbending carved in to the cylinder.

After about an hour's walk from the shrine to the village he immediately headed for the carpenter's workshop. He walked into the small shop, walking straight toward the counter. The man behind the counter greeted him with a smile. "Good morning Tintsu," he said cheerfully.

"Good morning Lee," said Tintsu, returning the smile. "Is she ready?" "Yep, just finished her last night. She's in the back, I'll run and grab her for you." Lee said before heading into the back room. After a few minutes, he came back holding a very strange staff. "Here you go," he said handing it to Tintsu. The staff was about four feet long and made out of a dark wood. The last two feet of it were carved into a wave shape, and the last three inches tapered to a very sharp point. At the other end of it there was a large bubble or "head" carved out of a tree knot. The head was carved in such a way that it appeared that the top of the staff had curled on its self and formed the head.

Tintsu took the staff and examined it closely. " Dang, I can't see the cracks at all!" Tintsu put the staff on his back. "I don't know how you do it, but you do it good," he said with a custom Earth Kingdom bow. Actually, Tintsu knew exactly how Lee did it, but he just wanted to be polite. Tintsu put the staff on his back, and reached into his pocket. Suddenly, Tintsu's eyes widened and a flash of light came out of them. " I'm sorry, I have to go, I'll have to owe you for the repair job," he said as he turned and ran out of the shop. " Its okay." Lee said calmly, " You don't owe me anything, you saved this town too many times for me to charge anything." But Tintsu had already left. Tintsu stood at the town gate, leaning against the left pillar with his hat concealing his face. Five Fire Nation solders riding Komodo Rhinos ride up to the gate. Tintsu raised his head just enough so his eyes could be seen. "Colonel Mongke, I presume?"


Tintsu was a character invented by the author over along and boring summer brake. He eventually started writing this Fanon to tell his story. When the Author decided to post the story, he had to change it a lot to better appeal to readers and writers of fanon. Originally, Tintsu was to meet Team Avatar in book one and join them between Books 2 and 3. However the author did not believe that that would sit well with other fans, and decided to have Tintsu meet the gang when they were undercover in the Fire Nation and join them after the comet.


  • Tintsu's name does not mean anything in any language (that I know of), its just a couple sounds that sounded good together
  1. Tintsu is the last of many names for the character, Tintsu was decided because it was the only one the author could remember.
  • Temujin is romanized Chinese for "Iron Man", which is the name of the editor's favorite song by Black Sabbath. He thought it was funny.

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