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Chapter 5: Enjoying the Little Things

That evening, we were preparing to leave when I saw something. A smile came on my face.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have," I said. Everyone turned to a zombie so preoccupied with eating a human. We all got on Areno.

"Hut hut!" I commanded. He flew low and when the time was right, I took my club and aimed it for the zombie's head. My club whacked the zombie in the head and flipped her over. My friends laughed.

"You have to enjoy the little things," I said, flying Areno higher.

At evening, we stopped near a pottery shop for the night. Takeshi froze.

"Wait. I sense that there is a zombie in there," he said. We went to the entrance. Aika rang a bell. Right then, a zombie came running and snarling. Takeshi, holding a crossbow, shot the zombie at the head at the right time.

"Is it dead?" he asked. The zombie began to get up. I burned his head off.

"Now it's dead," Aika said.

We wandered around the shop for a while when Kenshin accidently knocked over a clay vase. I knocked down a perfume bottle. Aika knocked down a mini statue. Takeshi knocked over a clay pot. Another smile came to my face.

"CLAY FIGHT!!" I yelled. We immediately began shattering lots and lots of pots, vases, bottles and other ornaments. Within minutes, the entire shop was wrecked and we were looking proud. So that's why you gotta enjoy the little things.

That night, we started a campfire and began enjoying another little thing. Aika and Takeshi were playing some instruments and I was dancing alone while Kenshin was watching. After a while, Kenshin got up and took my hand.

"You should really wait till I..." I began, but he began dancing in a really sexy manner with me that I just couldn't resist. We danced like this and at one point, he leaned in really seductively.

"I didn't know that you could dance," I said.

"There are a lot of things you don't know about me, baby," he replied. I smiled and we continued dancing until finally, the music stopped.

"Okay, we should extinguish the fire," Takeshi said. So I put the fire out and we all went to sleep.

Author's Note

The dance scene was inspired by Puss in Boots

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