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Zuko Thinks
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One More Date

Zuko Thinks is Chapter 1 of Engagements: Zuko and Mai.

Set date: 15 June 103 AG


The Fire Lord returned to his room after a long night of briefings on the state of the Fire Nation. It was after midnight, so Mai should be asleep, he thought.

It was the summer, the season of fire. And Zuko's start as Fire Lord was as hot as fire. In his first three years of reign, he had brought about a new era of peace and prosperity to the Fire Nation, something not seen in the last 100 years, since Sozin began the war. He was fulfilling his duties to the world well. Yet, this wasn't the reason he felt great happiness in his life.

It was the girl.


A childhood crush re-united. A great beginning. A storm weathered when Zuko abandoned home to help fulfill his duty to the world. And yet, she still saved him from Azula. He remembered how Mai told him that she loved him more than she feared Azula. It all came back together.

He made her happy.

She made him happy.

With her with him, his life was perfect.

He knew he was the one who helped break Mai's apathetic, depressing view on the world.

He thought about all the times they had shared together, sitting by the beach, snuggling on the couch, how she still returned to him even after their first break-up, and seemingly countless others. Sure, there were spats in their relationship, but no relationship is perfect.

It had been three years now since Mai came back into his life on the day of his coronation. One of the best days of his life, he knew.

She had to be the girl he was going to be with forever, until death did them part.

Go for it, or wait?

As Zuko was thinking about where his life stood with Mai, he needed to be sure he was ready to make this move. He knew he loved Mai, but he was not entirely certain that it was the right time to try and make her his forever girl. He was pretty sure she would be the one, but he just didn't want to move too quickly. It's been three years since me and Mai got this going again; that doesn't seem like too quick, however, you can't always be too sure of things. Plus, how should I do this? How should I make my move?

The Fire Lord dealt with his conflicting thoughts for a little while. "I think I want to take Mai for one more date...and then, I will make my move. Mai, I know you can't hear this, but soon, we will be together, forever."

Zuko put in his plans for the date. Using this date, he could gauge his true feelings for Mai, and determine if it was time to ask for her hand. Zuko had very little doubt, but given how much things had changed for him in his life...

He needed to be absolutely positive.

After the plans came to mind, Zuko began to think about him and Mai growing old and making a family together. All that came to him was happiness. He drifted off to sleep, a knowing smile on his face.

Mai, I know we are meant to be, forever...

You will see...

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