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True Love

Chapter 2: Engagement

It's been two years since Mother died. Today, I am engaged to the son of the general. His name is Hahn and he is eighteen years old. Oh, if only we didn't have such sexist customs. Then I would have chosen who I love.

"Yue, I would like you to meet Hahn. He is eighteen years old and he would like to have your hand in marriage," Father said. "You will be engaged to him and you will be married in three weeks."

"Yes Father," I replied. My nurse looked excited.

"Oh, I'm so proud! You're marrying the general's son!" she squealed. I sighed.

"Princess, is something wrong? You've been rather depressed for the past two days," Nurse asked.

"It's just that I just feel hopelessly trapped by these customs. It's not me when I'm marrying someone I like," I said sadly. "I want to be free. I wish I lived in our sister tribe."

"I'm afraid we can't be free. We're women, Princess. Our choices are never easy," Nurse said sadly as well. She gave me a hug to comfort me and left.

I decided to read to take my mind off of things. But while I read, I just couldn't stop thinking about freedom. I wanted a guy who could free me from the chains of stupid traditions. A guy who could show me freedom. A guy who I could love.

Author's Note

Sorry about the length. But I think this is how Yue felt.

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