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Energybending is the ability to control life energy through the use of a bender's chi. Energybending came from the spirits themselves, and the spirits passed it on to the long lost Energy Domain. Energybending plays a huge role in the series, almost being used by many different spirits and humans numerous times.


Energybending predates the 4 main elemental arts, being the only bending ability spirits can use. During the era of Raava, the spirits had the chance to impart their wisdom about energybending to humans, forming the now lost Energy Domain. How energybending was formed or created is unknown, yet most spirits claim that energybending had already existed even before humans existed in the universe.

Fighting Style

Energybending abilities and techniques

Energybending can either be offensive or defensive, depending on who uses the art. Most beginner energybending techniques are only previews of how fearsome energybending can truly be, once the energybender unlocks its full potential.

Memory Sight: By touching an object, the energybender can see the object's history, who touched it, who owned it and etc.

Spirit Track: By touching a spirit vine, an energybender may track down anybody, anywhere in the world. However, there are some drawbacks to this as some people cannot be tracked even if this ability is used.

Energy Bolt: It is the most common attacking technique used by most energybenders; Energy bolts deal significant amount of damage against foes. By focusing their spiritual energy on their hands, energybenders can unleash a scattered beam of energy that can hit multiple targets. Hiresh used this ability numerous times in the series.

Energy Strike: The energybenders surround themselves with spiritual energy and charges at the opponent. This deals quite the amount of damage in contact, and this is probably the most easiest way to travel in high speeds using energybending.

Energybending master level

The mark of a master energybender is the ability to store large amounts of spiritual energy in one's body, which allows the bender to easily execute attacks that normally take a long time to charge before they can be used.

Enchantment: Energybenders can enhance their offensive attacks and defensive strategies by adding in enchantments. Enchantments may be enchantments that amplify bending power, range, speed of the bender, mobility, defensive enchantment, etc. Enchantments have been used by energybenders numerous times in their lives, but the most notable is the enchantment by the first Spirit Master, who closed off the Energy Domain by using an energy field, adding an enchantment that only the Avatar may remove the energy field.

Energy Compression: The energybender can compress spiritual energy in order to transform it into anything the energybender wishes; from jelly-like substances to steel-like swords. This is probably one of the only few ways for energybenders to fight using melee attacks, as most of the bending art's attacks are usually ranged.

Energy Vortex: Spinning their arms, energybenders can create a vortex of energy that is similar to an airbender's tornado. This can be used to repel enemies that have become too close to the energybender.

Korra saving Kuvira

Shin uses the Energy Field technique to protect himself and Yuzuki from Hiresh's Energy Beam

Energy Field: Energybenders can use their abilities in order to create a force field that can protect them from projectiles or trap enemies inside them. This ability has proven to be useful numerous times, being able to protect itself from water blasts, fire jabs, earth throws and air breaths.

Energy Reflection: An energybender master can use this technique to reflect any attack. Creating a circle that will protect the user, it bounces back any projectile like water, earth, fire and air. Its only drawback is that it cannot reflect weapons and it cannot protect the user from physical attacks or harm.

World of Warcraft Tomb of Sargeras header

The first Spirit Master using an Energy Beam while trying to stop the Energy Sages from fighting.

Energy Beam: Focusing spiritual energy in their hands, energybenders are able to produce a powerful beam, albeit quite weaker than the beam that Kuvira's weapon was able to produce. It still, however, can deal massive damage to those who are hit. The appearance of the beam can be different from one energybender to another. The Energy Beam can be strengthened if there are more energybenders present using the same move. The combination of Energy Beams were first seen during the war between the Energy Sages, where the sages and their supporters combined their energy to form one strong Energy Beam. The Energy Beam was also used by the first Spirit Master in an attempt to stop the war between the sages.

Levitation: Energybenders can focus their energy in order to make themselves levitate, albeit temporarily. This seems to be another version of an airbender's ability to fly, but unlike said ability, levitation is not enhanced or affected by wind.

Possession: As long as the energybender's spirit is unbendable, an energybender may possess another living being, taking full control of their mind and body. This is a very tedious and exhausting task as the technique is quite difficult to do. Possession is enhanced if the energybender holds an Elemental Gem and it is also decreased when the target is holding an Elemental Gem.

Avatar level energybending

Bending Restoration and Bending Removal: By putting one hand in one's forehead and another hand in one's heart, the Avatar can take away a person's bending or restore a person's lost bending.


Harmonic Convergence: During the Harmonic Convergence of 9,829 BG, energybenders received a strong boost in power since it released a massive amount of spiritual energy in the world.

A season transitioning to another: Energybenders reach their full peak without the Harmonic Convergence when a season transitions to another. This is because seasons changing release a natural spiritual energy.

Weaknesses and Risks


Lack of focus: If an energybender's thoughts are disoriented and the energybender cannot focus properly, this severely weakens the energybender's ability to use energybending. This also includes emotions that cannot be controlled by the bender. This was evident when Hiresh got furious while fighting Shin; Hiresh's bending was noticeably weaker than usual because he can't keep a straight mind.

Imbalanced Spiritual Energy: If the spiritual energy of the Earth becomes imbalanced, it affects energybenders as well. This occurs whenever light dominates dark, or vice versa. This occurrence never happened when the Spirit Portals were closed, but when they were opened, it affected the Physical World as well. Imbalanced Spiritual Energy affects those who are inclined with the one that is being dominated; i.e. when darkness was dominating light, Hiresh's energybending was stronger since he was inclined with darkness (being evil) and Shin's energybending was weaker since light was being dominated as he was inclined with light.


Energybending's full potential is achieved when one is free from disoriented thoughts, as well as preventing emotions from bursting out while using said art. If the energybender has disoriented thoughts and keeps on showing emotions, one's energybending will be severely weakened. An energybender must be free from thoughts and emotions at all times if the energybender wants to use energybending at its best.

All of the techniques listed above need the energybender to charge for energy before they can be fully used, with the exception of the first two. This makes energybenders really vulnerable to attacks, as they are always open whenever they are gathering energy to use for an offensive or a defensive attack. Energybending masters such as Hiresh seem to have no problem channeling his energy immediately in order to execute an attack, but this takes years of practice.

In addition to the charging time required for moves to be executed, energybending's techniques must be done in a strictly organized pattern. Even just the slightest incorrect movement can cause an attack to fail, and more often than not, causes the attack to backfire and hit the bender instead.

Notable Energybenders




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