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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: Energy Saga.

This is about Energybending in the fanon series Avatar: Energy Saga by AvatarRokusGhost. For the canonical information about Energybending, please click here.

Energybending is a bending art in which one bends energies. Prior to the introduction of the four elemental bending arts, energybending was the dominant bending art in the mortal world. Energies can be bended by both humans and spirits. However, when humans bend energy they can only bend bodily energy that flows through their chi paths. Spirits, on the other hand, are able to bend any kind of energy.

History of energybending

In prehistoric times, the human species evolved their civilization with there intellect and resourcefulness. The spirits noticed the potential they demonstrated and decided to guide them, so that they might progress even further. A group of powerful spirits from the Spirit World crossed over into the Physical World (called the "Mortal World" by the spirits themselves. Together, they bent spiritual energy from the area surrounding the North Pole and concentrated it all into a single area, thus creating the Spirit Oasis.

The humans who happened to be in the vicinity were in awe at what had just happened and came forth to meet their spirit guardians. The spirits told the humans that the place they created would be a place where they could be more connected to the spirits. They also said that the means they used in creating it would be the spirits' gift to humanity. Thus, the spirits granted to the humans the capability of bending their own energy and taught them how to make use of their power and control it. These humans became the world's first energybenders.

Human Civilization advanced quickly with wisdom and power of spirits at its side. The energybenders known as Five Great Sages worked closely with the spirits to preserve balance in the world before the Avatar existed. For a time it was a golden age, but this did not last forever. Humanity became corrupted by the power energybending offered and the temptation to misuse that power. One group called The Masters manipulated people's energies and committed horrific deeds by enslaving them, controlling their actions and dictated their destiny. Those who resisted were made to endure unbearable suffering on both a physical and a mental level. For unknown reasons, energybending declined and ceased to be used around the time of the dawn of elemental bending. However, remnants of energybending continued to exist after its demise.

Thousands of years after anyone else had energybended, a man called "The Mystic" revealed himself to the world as a practitioner of energybending. Somehow, Avatar Doru Kun became his antagonist. Doru Kun fought and defeated him in a long-drawn-out battle.

Wan Shi Tong had a full section in his library devoted to energybending, even though the art was no longer practiced. For unknown reasons, he eventually destroyed the section on energybending himself. Only one piece of material survived, which was called the Scroll of Forbidden Knowledge. Many centuries later, this scroll had come to be in the possession of the Order of the White Lotus. A younger initiate into the order by the name of Jeong Jeong was given the scroll by an older member. The scroll contained the history of The Masters and described the darker part about energybending. For years, Jeong Jeong kept what he read about to himself, without telling anyone.

When Avatar Aang was forced to restore the balance of the world by defeating Fire Lord Ozai and ending his quest for world domination, he felt a great inner conflict. Raised an Air Nomad, Aang was unwilling to take a life, regardless of whose it was. He was found by the Lion Turtle a few days before his battle with Ozai. The Lion Turtle, being a creature with spiritual connection and who predated the existence of the Avatar, was able to share enough energybending knowledge with Aang so that he could use it to take Ozai's Firebending away and end his threat to the balance without killing him. As the Avatar, Aang was capable of energybending, although he had never used energybending before.

After the end of the Hundred Year War, Aang sought further knowledge on energybending and used it to give Airbending to people and revive his own people, the Air Nomads, who had been exterminated at the beginning of the war.

The nature of energies

""The energy that resides in our body reflects our state of being. It shows all which has gone on and what is going on now as well...""
— Guru Pathik, Seclusion and Kindred: Part Two
""Always make sure you're the one bending the energy and the energy isn't bending you.""
Yue, The Search for a Candidate

There are several kinds of energies that intertwine with one another and also exist separately. These include bodily energies, spiritual energies, cosmic energies, natural energies and many more. Since the energies mix together, it is possible for humans to influence energies other than bodily energies despite not being able to directly bend them the way spirits can. Energies are mysterious entities that flow naturally, but by contradiction also seem to have a mind of their own. It is known that they allow one to express one's traits into the world, bend (if one is able to) and have meaning in their soul. Humans can feel their bodily energy through their tantien, which is the center of their Chi.

Energybending moves

Bending Purge or Bend Taketh: energybenders can bend the energy that allows a human to bend, which removes their bending ability. Since this takes whatever type of bending is present regardless of what it is, Bending Purge is not divided into sub-types like the similar move of Bending Grant.


Bending Purge

Bending Grant or Bend Giveth: energybendrs can bend the energy of a non-bender to allow that person to bend in a certain way. A person cannot be given more than one type of bending. The only human who can harness multiple bending arts is the Avatar.

  • Bending Grant - Air or Bend Giveth Puff - grants the ability to Airbend. Avatar Aang uses this to rebuild the fallen Air Nomad society.
  • Bending Grant - Water or Bend Giveth Aqua - grants the ability to Waterbend. Chief Sokka approached Aang about using this to strengthen the Southern Water Tribe with more benders, but Aang was unwilling. Although he later changed his mind, Aang's view of using energybending to balance the world soon turned around and he stopped energybending altogether. Therefore, this never came to pass.
  • Bending Grant - Earth or Bend Giveth Terra - grants the ability to Earthbend.
  • Bending Grant - Fire or Bend Giveth Pyro - grants the ability to Firebend.

Recquiescence or Abet Bene: The energybender sends an energy surge through another's body - or their own - which results in a warm sensation for that person. The person is hence recovered from any previous condition of fatigue and is now energized and alert.
Chi Enhancement or Magna Adorn: An energybender enhances their own bending intensity for a brief time. Inexperienced energybenders will feel fatigued for some time after using it. Aang discovered this move by accident and was able to use similar power as he used in the Avatar State while outside the Avatar State.
Energy Shove: An energybender sends some of their energy out of their own body to push with tremendous force against an opponent. The energy then returns to the body of the bender.
Energy Block: Against an Energy Shove, another energybender can defend by blocking the pushed energy and preventing it from returning to the body of the sender, rendering them weaker. Since no other energybenders are around by the time of Avatar Aang, this move is unexplored.
Energy Blast: It's pretty much a larger version of Energy Shove where an energybender sends a vast wall of their own energy forward to thwart their opponents. Since it requires more energy, the energybender is completely immobile until the energy returns to them.
Energy Tremor: This move throws energy to the ground and makes a shockwave, temporarily immobilizing the energy in the living things in the surrounding area – leaving them defenseless.
Shuten Shogai: Said to be the most powerful move in energybending, Shuten Shogai was the final move Yue taught to Aang. It requires another person to be present with the energybender.


Shuten Shogai

"Energy dreams/memories" (Avatar Level): When Avatar Aang was practicing energybending for the first time at the North Pole, he passed out from exhaustion and went into a dream-like state where he remembered experiences from his past lives from his past lives' point-of-view. It's possible that the energy of the Avatar Spirit caused him to have this memory come alive as a unique side effect. Eventually his past lives grew annoyed that he was intruding on their privacy and Yangchen asked Aang not to do it anymore.

There are many more moves and uses for energybending that have not been rediscovered or fully-explored. Since energies control so much, a lot can be altered through energybending. As Yue once said, its easier to define something energybending can do that what it cannot do.

Risks of energybending

"Have you noticed that energybending offers quick and easy solutions to things but there's always a catch?"
Sokka, Battle at the Fire Nation Capital: Part Two

Bending energy inside oneself or another requires one to have exceptionally strong energies of their own. Energies tend to flow in a fixed pattern and any display of energybending - large or small - is a disruption to the natural order and creates and imprint of chaos which will only lead to more chaos. If the energybender's energies are weak, the extra instability of the energies will effect them. In a powerful display of energybending like when Aang took Ozai's Firebending, the energybender risks becoming corrupted and destroyed. It is also harder to make things the way they were again once energybending has changed them and bring back natural order, since it is "harder to undo than to do." Therefore, an energybender must have unwavering resolve and not do anything they would regret with Energybending.

Notable energybenders

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