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Energybending is the ability to bend life energy through the use of chi, and it is the Energy Clan's signature bending art, in an upcoming secret series by me. The first Energybenders were Energy Wolves and Lion Turtles.


Energybending had always been the Energy Clan's signature bending art, but accurate history is unknown. Wait for the Secret Series and see.


Aside from the canon applications, using Energybending, one can:

Absorbing Energy

This is a more offensive way of Energybending, in which the Energybender absorbs the target's chi, corrupting and destroying the target. Absorbing Energy can be limited to simply absorbing "some" of the target's chi, which is as permanent and painful, but will not result in death.

Gaining Energy and Bending

Aside from granting Bending, of which the Energy Clan have not quite mastered, an Energybender can take in energy from a target's chi, gaining some of their bending, only in case some of the Energybender's chi missing, and only used the absorbing energy to fill in parts.

Energy Projection

After absorbing the energy from a target's chi, or using a far more dangerous method of using the Energybender's own chi, the Energybender can fire Purple Energy in form of bolts, which can be lethal, but can be absorbed by other Energybenders.


Look at the section below with the same name for more information.

Specific Techniques of Energybending

Certain types of Energybending cannot be bent by all Energybenders, regardless of their training and mastery. These Specific Types are only gifted to certain people.


This type of Energybending is performable to all Energybenders, though without proper training, this dark art might result in the own Energybender's perishing. Not much is known about Magic, as the Secret Series hasn't started yet. But the only known Magic Master is the Energy Clan Wizard, who only teaches this art to his successor, no one else.


This type of Energybending consists of the bending of the energy of time. This type is exclusively available to only the Time Spirit. More information will be learnt as the series progresses.


Although this dark technique is considered Avatar-level, some Masters are capable of performing it well. The Energybender controls his own energy, and separates it into two halves, creating a different body for the "clone".

Though, in the case of the Avatar, the other clone will only be able to bend two elements, while the main clone will be able to bend the other two. Both clones would be able to Energybend, but to a low degree. With complex training, an Avatar would be able to clone himself to a total of four clones (including himself), but each clone will be able to bend only one element, and Energybend to a very low degree. Energybending is the only way to reemerge the clones.

Some Energybending Masters are able to clone limitlessly, but all the clones are incapable of bending at all, though even fewer Energybenders can still maintain bending, and to a higher degree.


Energybending is an extremely powerful and potentially dangerous technique. If the bender's spirit is even slightly weak, or bendable, then they will be infected by the spirit of the one they are bending. As a result, the bender can be corrupted and even destroyed.

Notable Energybenders

No accurate information about identities is known, wait for the secret series to air in order to find out.


  • If an Energybender is going to project Energy Bolts using his own energy, chanting "Na Mu A Me Tuou Fu Shi Ne" - spellings vary - will limit the amount of energy used, and thus will protect the user.
  • The position of the hands over the heart and forehead while practicing energybending is reflected in the lion turtle's reference to "the true heart" and "the true mind".
  • Energybending is the only bending art that can be performed by spirits, without them fully manifesting through a medium.

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