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The Energy Wolves, lived on the Lion Turtle City along with the Energy Clan in an upcoming series by me. They are some of the original practitioners of Energybending, doing so through mere bites. The species demonstrated the true way of Energybending to the Energy Clan's civilization.


Not much is known about their history, as more will be revealed 


The Energy Wolves apparently can reproduce quickly and live for a long time, as they have not went extinct although about 50% of them are hunted by Energybenders every year.

They look somewhat like werewolves, except with a dark shade of purple, and two heads. Their teeth are sharp enough to tear through the toughest armor, and their claws are capable of tearing through chi, which has a way higher and permanent effect than Chi-Blocking.

Meanwhile, Energy Wolves can Energybend using their two heads, biting into the forehead and the chest, of which the Energybenders developed their techniques from. They began this technique as a way to kill a prey, before eating it. They are carnivores, and prey primarily on fish and birds.

A fully grown Energy Wolf can weigh 700 kg as a maximum weight, which is considered fat.

Their Purplish texture inspired the Energy Clan.


Energy Wolves travel either as packs, or with another human Companion. As they are the primary companions of the Energy Clan, they apparently can be tamed and domesticated to become pets, or be left in the wild to be hunted.

They use their Energybending, by using their two heads, biting into the forehead and the chest, then draining a prey's chi. Afterwards, they eat their prey.

They do not have a certain behavior towards humans, at first, they just stare at the human they encounter, and start to mirror their movements. 

If the Human means to kill it, he/she is given the opportunity to attack it, and the Energy Wolf will get into combat.

If the Human means to tame it, he/she must approach the Energy Wolf slowly, without any panicking, and then scratch the back of its head, behind the ear. The Energy Wolf will then begin to wave its tail, and jump onto the Human, licking him/her in the face. Once tamed, they can learn tricks, or will become battle companions, fighting alongside the human they first meet until they perish.

Notable Energy Wolves

No accurate information is known as the Secret Series hasn't aired yet.


  • Both flying bison and Energy Wolves have shown affection by licking people, similar to the way real world dogs do.

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