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Fanon: Energy Unity 

Energy Unity or Unity Link is an advanced energybending skill when two spirits combine. Energybenders bend their own energy and others to make a bond to unite a spirit.


Once two spirits unite, they share many abilities such as sight sharing, telepathy between each other, but they do not share bending. They share their memories and past, even sickness and death.

Permanent Bond or Non-Permanent Bond

There are two types of Unity Link, the Permanent Bond and the Non-Permanent Bond. A permanent bond is the result when two spirits are permanently bonded and has fully united; the only way to break a permanent bond is for one of the two people die, thus breaking the bond between them, but if the bond is incredibly strong, they both die. If a permanent bond is forcefully broken, it shifts and bends the fabric of time and space, meaning that they never existed; relatives, friends and people who know them will forget who they are and deny that they ever existed in this world. A permanent bond also gives more abilities such as switch bending the ability to switch bending with each other. A non-permanent bond is a temporary link between the two people; it has limited abilities than the permanent bond but can be broken at any time.


The energybender must have complete focus and discipline to perform a Unity Link. If the bender fails, both people die and the bender must have enough energy and willpower to perform a Unity Link. After Unity Link has been performed, both users have their chi blocked and may not perform bending of possibly move for a short amount of time.

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