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Avatar Roku firebending By AvatarRokusGhost Part of the Avatar: Energy Saga continuity.

Shipping is a phenomenon for Avatar enthusiasts and a popular, though controversial part of Avatar fandom. Fanons can also have their own ships. Upon noticing Kyoshi Revolts had a shipping page, AvatarRokusGhost decided to create one for Energy Saga.

Canon Characters

Kataang - Shipping involving Katara and Aang continued from the canon show, resulting in marriage and children.

Maiko – Shipping involving Mai and Zuko continued from the canon show, resulting in marriage and children.

Sukka - Shipping involving Suki and Sokka continued from the canon show, resulting in marriage and children.

Chanzula – Shipping involving Chan and Azula. Although there is not significant interaction between them in Energy Saga, they are both still present.

Tan/Choph – Shipping involving Toph and Chan – a crack shipping with nothing to back it up.

Yukka – Shipping involving Sokka and Yue. As Yue is now dead and Sokka is married to Suki, this shipping is finished.

Azulaang - Shipping involving Aang and Azula.

Fanon Characters

Tennei/Neizin – Shipping involving Tenzin and Neinei.

Kaddnei/Neiddo – Shipping involving Kaddo and Neinei.

Ty Gitsu/Git Lee – Shipping involving Ty Lee and Gitsu, the Dai Li agent who she brought to Katara and Aang's wedding as a date.

Moph/Tigo – Shipping involving Toph and Migo.

Brawnsa/Renki – Shipping involving Brawki and Rensa – a crack shipping.

Ren Qu/Feng Qensa – Shipping involving Rensa and Feng Qu.

Icarola/Nolus – Shipping involving Icarus and Nola.

Nolao/Shola – Shipping involving Nola and Shao

Noinley/Trola – Shipping involving Nola and Trinley.

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