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The Energy Domain is the world's very first nation, until it was abandoned by its inhabitants. It is also known as the "lost nation" as it cannot be found in the world at all. The reason for this is that an active energy field was protecting the ruined domain, and only the Avatar was the only one allowed to get rid of the field.



During the era of Raava, some humans have become friends with spirits, who in turn, taught humans how to energybend without having to learn from their lion turtle. This made the lion turtle mad because the turtle did not want benders in the city, so the turtle made the humans abandon the city they built on the lion turtle. This forced them to find a place where all energybenders can live in peace. And so, the Energy Domain was built by the energybenders themselves. They made the domain float in the air so that only those who can levitate using energybending can get up there.

They appointed the strongest energybender as their leader, called the Spirit Master, and those who wish to succeed the Spirit Master must become stronger than the current Spirit Master. The Energy Sages were then formed, consisting of strong energybenders, yet weaker than the current Spirit Master. The government was quite successful in maintaining peace and order; laws were passed, an army was assembled, inventions were created and their technology was far too advanced for their own time.

War between the Sages

After Avatar Wan closed the Spirit Portals, this completely shut off the connection between the inhabitants of the Energy Domain with the spirits. Half of the Energy Sages voted to make Avatar Wan open the Spirit Portals by blackmailing him, while half of the Energy Sages say that the Spirits have already done their job and that the Energy Domain must do the rest. This led to a war between the Sages.

The sages fought brutally, gaining supporters while fighting for their causes. The war spread throughout the domain, destroying villages and cities. Everything in the domain was reduced to ruins, and the war didn't look like it might end soon. But then, the Spirit Master unleashed his power throughout the domain, stopping the sages from continuing the war. The Spirit Master declared the war over, forcing the sages to stop the war.


Even with the efforts of the first Spirit Master to restore the destroyed Energy Domain, its citizens lost faith that it would ever return to what it was before. Citizens began to leave the domain one by one, with each passing month getting a dramatic decrease in population. The army left the domain, followed by sages. Realizing that there was no more point in restoring the domain, the Spirit Master decided to leave the domain and creates a energy field and adding an incantation that only the Avatar may remove the field. The Energy Domain was no more and the energybenders were scattered throughout the world, with some surviving. However, over the course of time, energybending became lost in history, until no one ever knew what it was. The only one who still knew this lost art was the Avatar, who, until Avatar Aang, never knew its existence.

Rediscovery of the Lost Domain



Being the first nation to have ever existed even before the Water Tribes, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom and Air Nomads, the Energy Domain's people tend to look unique and different from each other. Most inhabitants have black or brown hair, often styled into wavy hair or buns for women, and quiff or spiky hair for men. The citizens mostly have blue, purple and red eyes. Citizens often have light skin tones, while some have darker complexions.

Traditional colors worn throughout the nation range from purple or violet, black, white, lilac and gold. Members of the army wear dark purple, black and gold uniforms. The Energy Sages wear lilac and gold, while the Spirit Master wears all of the traditional colors, although white is usually not included.

Most citizens wear accessories like golden necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The national emblem is occasionally worn by citizens, though it is more likely to see political leaders wear the national emblem.

National Emblem

The national emblem of the Energy Domain is a large circle surrounded by rings. The insignia is commonly seen in the domain's flags, army, wheels of vehicles or in the vehicles themselves, and as a marking of Energy Domain territory. The insignia is also sometimes seen in its citizens, yet it is more likely to see the emblem on political leaders as they are required to wear the insignia at all times.

The Energy Domain flag is a stylized square shaped banner with the emblem at its center.


The Energy Domain is floating up in the air, yet it is also quite divided. The domain is divided into three major islands, namely Etheria, the capital, Wairah, the place where most temples are and Sethium, the place where most of the domain's industry are located.

Etheria is the most urbanized between the three islands as it harbors the palace of the Spirit Master. Etheria is surrounded by mountains in the east, and its structures follow the greek style, adding pillars to almost every building in the city.

Wairah is immensely populated with enlightened energybenders and is the island that is mostly untouched. The Spatial Temple stands at this island, allowing sages to predict impending disasters. The gothic style is followed by its buildings and its temples.

Sethium is populated by many merchants and workers who keep the domain's industry working. Sethium's forests have been touched and destroyed by humans working there, leaving most of the entire island without plants. Buildings here follow the egyptian style.

Natural Resources

The Energy Domain is rich in many powerful minerals, especially the Energy Crystal, which is believed to power up an energybender's abilities and give the energybender a clear mind. Other minerals in the domain such as iron and other metals are used to create tanks, warships and airships. The domain is also blessed with rare and extremely expensive minerals like gold, diamond and platinum, which they use to fortify their domain.


Government System: Absolute monarchy

Head of State: Spirit Master

Religious Authority: Energy Sages

The Energy Domain is ruled by a Spirit Master who is the strongest energybender in the entire domain. The next Spirit Master may either be a child of the current Spirit Master or it can be a citizen that can surpass the current Spirit Master in terms of power. Males and females may become the Spirit Master, but the first Spirit Master was a male. The Spirit Master has absolute control over anything in the domain.

The Energy Sages are a group of strong energybenders that are weaker than the Spirit Master. They act as the religious authorities of the domain, yet they also preside in meetings with the Spirit Master, able to give suggestions, yet the Spirit Master is still the one who decides on what to do.


The Energy Domain has a formal education system that teaches students core values, and is more aimed to make the students be more civilized. Subjects range from history, music, character education, etiquette and energybending. The teachers aren't too strict, but can be strict enough to scold students if they do something very wrong. Being more civilized, for the Energy Domain, is much more important than learning how to fight or learn history.


The dress code and symbols of the domain are modeled after energy, and its most known color is purple. The majority of the domain's structure are made of rocks, houses and buildings are all made with strong foundations that make them strong against weather.

The most known cultural object in the domain is the energy crystal. It is believed that the crystal grants the energybender a clear mind and strengthens their abilities.

The names of the citizens vary, though most citizens have the letter "H" in their names, like Hara, Hiresh, Hino, Eriah, Weshi, etc.

General opinion of the world

The domain does not really have an opinion about the rest of the world, yet they believe that the different races, including them, are a part of the same whole.



Marriage is one of the most highly regarded topics in the Energy Domain. People in the Energy Domain are mostly more concerned about the result of their relationship, not how their relationship will begin. Couples usually ask for an Energy Sage's advice before marrying because they want to know if their love will result in a good thing. This made marriages seem more of an arranged marriage than true love, although some couples do end up marrying even if they weren't a perfect match as love is also another highly regarded thing in the Energy Domain.

Outfits worn in the wedding are very extravagant; guests are expected to wear completely formal outfits in lilac, white and gold for females and purple or violet, black and gold for males. The bride and groom's outfits are like no other; most common marriages have them wear extravagant clothing, wearing almost every traditional color. However, if rich people were to marry, their clothing would become even more extravagant than those with a common lifestyle.

Marriages are attended by at least one Energy Sage, yet all may come if it were requested by the couple, and marriages are presided over by the Spirit Master. The ceremony is short, yet also meaningful, as every guest, sage and the Spirit Master are entitled to give their blessings.


The diet of its citizens consists of meat, rice, vegetables, fruits (especially grapes), bread, hiya berries and tea.

Fantasy trees

The Tree of Life

Cultural Festivals

The Energy Domain's well known festival is the "Spiritual Balance" which happens every time the season is about to change to another season. The festival is held near the "Tree of Life", a magical tree that according to sages, allows those near it to relax and be stress free. The citizens don't do too many activities in the festival, other than prayers, stargazing, storytelling and a feast at the capital.


The Energy Domain does not have a prominent season, yet their energybending is at peak whenever a season transitions to the next season as it releases natural energies.


The military of the Energy Domain consist solely of energybenders that have been trained in order to fight using energybending. Admirals, Generals and the Marshal of the air force are all master energybenders, while the soldiers tend to be excellent and proficient in using energybending.

Notable locations

  • Tree of Life

Notable figures

  • Hiresh
  • The First Spirit Master †


  • The Energy Domain being more focused in character education parallels real-life Japan, where etiquette and having manners is more important.

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