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Energy Clan
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The Energy Clan is a secret nation that used to be around, as seen in a secret upcoming series by me. Geographically, the nation was located on a Lion Turtle, about 500 years before the end of the Hundred Year War, how it eventually vanished was not certain. Being a simple clan, the entire nation consists of one city. The Energy Clan was home to most non-Avatar Energybenders and Energy Wolves.

It is the smallest nation in terms of population and area, following the Air Nomads. Please scroll down to read more, and read the "Notice" section before anything.


  • The Secret Series that will contain this nation takes place about 500 years before Avatar: the Last Airbender, approximately 570 years before The Legend of Korra.


Not much is known about their origins, though they haven't changed a lot since their beginning.


Members of the Energy Clan tend to have black hair, purple, pink, black, or gray eyes, and tan skin.

Older men tend to sport large beards, women usually wear their hair back, though for special occasions it may be piled on top of the head, or wrapped around a support.

Civilians usually wear clothes with shades of purple, but some people prefer an addition of black.

Generally, people wear a layer of cloth that contains the national emblem.

National emblem

The national emblem of the Energy Clan is a stylized, circular swirl of purple energy, in a dark purple circle. The insignia is primarily displayed on its flag, uniforms, on the warships, and as marking of Fire Nation territory.

The Energy Clan flag is a triangle-shaped banner with the stylized insignia at its center. 


The Energy Clan lives on top of a large Lion Turtle, of which Aang met many years later. The Volcanic Stone around the island is not because of a volcano, but because of a natural unknown phenomena. The Dark clouds cover the skies, giving a hint of darkness. Purple Glowing Crystal Piles randomly exist about. The small center of the island is void of clouds, and that is where the Clan Leader's tower is built. 

The population of the Energy Clan is scattered in huts around the center.

Natural resources

Not much is known about the Natural Resources of the Energy Clan, though the most recurring resource is a purple glowing crystal forming rapidly around the landscape. 


Government system: Clan Leadership

Head of state: Clan Leader

Religious authority: Clan Wizard

The Energy Clan is ruled by the iron fist, of the Clan Leader. The Clan Leadership is not by heritage. Only the Strongest of the men is able to hold such title. The Clan Leader has unlimited authorities, able to do whatever pleases him, ranging from commanding a soldier, to entering a huge war with another nation.

Meanwhile, the Clan Wizard wields all the religious authorities, and is the only one of them capable to use magic, a dark form of bending, brought from Energybending. The Clan Wizard is like the second person in the Clan, as he is somewhat of a second ruler. Magic is taught by the Clan Wizard to the next Clan Wizard in line.


The dress code and symbols of the Energy Clan are modeled after purple energy, naturally. Like the other nations, it is based on its elemental color, in this case, purple. The majority of the structures are made of wood. Most of their structures are hut-like. Energy Clan symbols are basically put on banners all over the capital tower.

The most widespread cultural object is the spreading of Energy Wolves,who are often domesticated, and used for brute force.

Many names of Energy Clan citizens utilize harsh consonants like the letter "P", including Pheerow, Peenutch, Prowler, Ping Shaw, Praizer, Ponk, etc. Though interestingly enough, many "Ju"s exist, pronounced "Joe".


The diet of its citizens consists of fish, (to a weak degree) cabbage, unnamed purple nut-likes, Energy Cherries, purple bananas and an unnamed purple apple-like fruit.

Cultural festivals

The most prominent festival is the "Purple Peek" festivals, which happen twice a year, between the start of Autumn, and the end of Summer, and the Start of Spring and the end of winter. Energy Clan people do not have "humble" activities in their festivals, but rather stick to prayers, a type of Energy fireworks, and a feast.


The Energy Clan don't have a specific season, but their peek of power arrives in the transformation from Winter to Spring.


Although the population of the Energy Clan is small, their military tends to be a threat. The Military is made up of highly trained male Clan Members, as the most prominent division is the Foot Soldier Guards.

Soldier Guards

The Energy Clan Foot Soldiers all are capable of Energybending, increasing their threat. They either use Energybending to drain opponents dry of their energy, or more of them utilize the Energy Bolt technique, firing blasts of pure Energy. They are assisted with organized packs of Energy Wolves.

Notable locations

None are revealed so far, as the Secret Series hasn't began yet.

Notable figures

None are revealed so far, as the Secret Series hasn't began yet.


  • Obviously, the Energy Clan are in contact with Spirits.
  • According to some people, the name "Ju", pronounced like "Joe" is the most common name in the Clan, along with "Eerin".

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