This is a fanon article. For the The Legend of Korra Book Four: Balance episode with the same name, see "Enemy at the Gates".
Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Enemy at the Gates in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Siege of Ba Sing Se
Enemy at the Gates
It takes more courage to retreat than to advance.
General information

PG-13 (because of some language)


Vladimir of Kiev


Working on it in both English and Russian


Vladimir of Kiev

Enemy at the Gates is a story written by Vladimir of Kiev that takes place during the 600-day Siege of Ba Sing Se, and follows the story of a young earthbender from the Agrarian Zone of the capital city who was drafted into the Earth Kingdom army.


Just several years before Avatar Aang was rediscovered in the iceberg, the Fire Nation reaches the peak of its power during the war. Most of the western, along with large portions of the southern and central Earth Kingdom, had fallen to the onslaught of the Fire Nation Army. Their Earth Kingdom counterparts are exhausted and demoralized, facing defeat on nearly every front, and running out of reserves. The general staff has received a directive from Fire Lord Azulon himself: a massive assault on Ba Sing Se, the capitol.

The story follows Zhou, a seventeen year old earthbender peasant from the Agrarian Zone of the city. As the Fire Nation relentlessly drives towards the capital, the Earth Kingdom army's Council of Five was desperate for troops, throwing everything they could against the advancing enemy. But nonetheless, the Fire Nation now has reached the walls of the magnificent city. The young earthbender is among the thousands of peasants that is drafted into the Earth Kingdom army and thrown at the enemy, in a final attempt to stop the unthinkable.


Primary Characters

Earth Kingdom emblem Zhou: A seventeen year old earthbender from the Agrarian Zone of Ba Sing Se, the son of a farmer. He is physically fit from having to work in the fields constantly, and enjoys travelling into the inner city. Zhou has never been outside of the walls of Ba Sing Se, and up until now, the war has been of no concern to him. He also likes earthbending and tries to practice it when he has the time.

Earth Kingdom emblem Shikai: A nineteen year old non-bender who is a fellow conscript and friend of Zhou. He hails from the Lower Ring, coming from a poor family. Being in poverty, they were naturally among the first to have the men of the family drafted into the Earth Kingdom Army. Though Shikai is a non-bender, he is a skilled swordsman and martial artist, trained by his father, who is a former soldier himself.

Fire Nation emblem Iroh: The Crown Prince of the Fire Nation and a senior general in the army, Iroh is a skilled firebender who commands Army Group North. He has been successful so far, leading his troops throughout the central Earth Kingdom, however, the Dragon of the West now has a lot of weight on his shoulders, as the attack on the Earth Kingdom capitol is under his command.

Earth Kingdom emblem Tzu: A highly decorated Earth Kingdom general who has been given the command over all forces in the Ba Sing Se Military District. He prefers to lead his troops from the front, and often takes part in the combat. Tzu is a candidate for the Council of Five.


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