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July 22nd 2012

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The sun shone brightly over the Fire Nation's palace courtyard, onto the fountain, that was built to show that peace was finally achieved in the Fire Nation. The light's reflection hit directly at the water creating a rainbow effect. It is said that if you drank the fountain's water you could be healed of any troubles and all stress would be lifted. The fountain was a design based on the moon spirit. Hundreds would visit the Fire Nation palace in hope of a change in their life. The Palace was only open fully to the public on special occasions. Aang and Zuko began their plan for a united nation, Republic City. Aang was very obsessed with his way of building Republic City.

"Zuko, this is the way I decided it should look," Aang quickly said while picking up his plan and very confident in himself he continued "this is the best way to build it, having all the constructions for the different bending groups separated."

"Aang I don't think that's the way at all, we want to unite the city why not include different benders in the same areas." Zuko stated. Katara nodded her head in agreement much to he disappointment of Aang.

With jealousy Aang shouted "That way is stupid my way is the best!"

"Oh come on Aang, Zuko is right." Katara kindly said. Aang got up, started blushing and turned away, Sokka then burst out interrupting the conversation saying, "Guys, guys, guys, no need to fight, I took pleasure in creating a scale model of he city, here you are." Sokka smiled confidently. Everyone stayed silent.

"Er, Sokka that looks like well, a pile of sticks." Katara said with everyone's agreement.

"Maybe I can help!". Offered Toph but then Sokka reasoned, "Toph your BLIND, how are you going to help?" Toph then demonstrated her new found power of sculpting with earth bending making a scale model of what she thought it should look like.

"Everyone lets just take a drink of the fountain water to help clear our minds". Katara stated while walking towards the fountain with the others and marveled at the beauty of the fountain and then took a drink. Quietly Ursa came from behind an patted Zuko on the back and reminded them that the key issue at hand is Azula. Ursa asked what they were going to do. Frankly no one had thought of that for as far as they were concerned, their trips to and from Azula were over. Lots of thought was being put into their plan. While they planed their enemy did the same. Azula stumbled through the forest looking for a place to rest after an exhausting trip to the forest to get far away from Zuko. Tired, mentally weak and emotionally unstable, Azula was now at her lowest point and she began to ask herself,

"How did I come to this?, wandering around the forest looking for food and shelter. Please not Fire Lord Azula."

"I deserve a chance to rule" Pitifully Azula quarreled to herself and Azula began to feel weaker as the sky became dark and she stumbled on a rock and fell to the ground. Look t Azula now but things were about to look up. Late at night Azula got up from a nightmare which seemed to be the only thing Azula could dream anymore. She got up looked around seeing some creatures in trees and burn them to a crisp. She stumbled into a nearby village, village with the sill living 'Puppetmaster', Hama. She came the same night Hama was going to be burned for her deeds. Upon seeing this Azula hurled flames at the crowd gathered there to see Hama killed. The crowd dispersed and you could hear the whispers get softer and softer until Hama and Azula were alone. Azula freed Hama and was immediately bloodbended. Enraged Azula tried her best to overcome Hama's control, but before any damage was done Hama questioned,

"Fire Nation princess what are you doing here saving me."

Azula quickly lashed back" Don't pretend you don't know what happened," and Azula was right, Hama was well aware at what had transpired.

"I want to make a proposal," Azula offered.

"What might this be?" Questioned Hama

Azula explained, "I have escaped the clutches of the Avatar and his friends including my brother and I want you to join me!"

Hama thought and remembered Katara. Hama remembered her own burning hatred for the Fire Nation people and agreed to join Azula, after she was offered to teach a bloodbending class to all waterbenders once they won back the throne.

What is the fate of the nations?......

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