End to All
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January 27, 2015

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It seems that no matter what I do the world seems to be in chaos, I plan to change that.


The low clouds and mist didn't help the situation. The lone officer looked around viciously on misty streets with nothing but her senses and bending. Voices were bouncing off the walls, dashing past her were shadowed figures of unknown origins causing her constantly whip around. Large cuts appeared on her shoulders with each passing figure, causing her to be pushed around and around until they just stopped. One lone voice spoke to the woman, it only said one word to her, "You."

Katie sat up with a jolt, feeling a burning pain all over her chest. She rubbed her right eye, which sadly became blind after an accident. One of the many sacrifices she made on the job, being a police officer wasn't exactly easy.

She searched for her bandanna on her beside table and put it over here right eye, no joy in scaring the kids around the city. She finally took a look around her small apartment, one bedroom, one bath, and a living with kitchen. Not much but it worked for Katie. She got up and got herself ready for another long day at work, but that dream lingered in her mind throughout the morning.

"Remar my boy! What are you doing all the way up here?" Aryeh laughed, "This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I told you go somewhere secluded!"

Perched on top of Aang's statue, Remar looked toward his flying uncle and gave way to a small smile, "Well the only spot I could think of that was secluded was all the way up here!" he stood up to face Aryeh.

"Ha! You remind me of myself before I became old and frail! I always wanted to be the daring one. I wish I had your spirit!" Aryeh landed a few feet away from Remar, "So what made you come all the way up here to think? Why was this the first place you thought of?"

Remar looked at his uncle, "I don't know really, I just like the sound of the wind and the faint sounds of the city." He turned to the horizon, "But I think it really reminded me of home in a way." The worry lines on Aryeh's forehead seemed to disappear in the sunlight as he looked toward his nephew.

"Good answer. Now I believe you have a match to attend to soon, go on!" with that said, Remar stood off and took off toward the Pro-bending Arena. Aryeh watched him go with a grin on his face, That boy is gonna do great things, he thought. He may not know it yet but it'll happen. He sat up and floated down the statue and followed him.

Levy began to put on her gear, This match is it, she thought. After all, it was a match with the legendary Fire Ferrets. Shortly after Bolin's passing, his son commissioned the team once again and led it to glory. After his passing his granddaughter took up the mantle. Just being in the same room with them is a privilege. "Anyone see Remar?" Levy's captain asked. "He should've been here an hour ago."

Levy looked up to see Remar signaling by the window to be let in, she sighed. "I think I saw him in the lobby flirting with some girls." The captain glared at her then exited the room. Quicker then a Satomobile, she raced across the floor to open the window and Remar climbed in and quickly put on his gear. When the captain returned to find them talking he rolled his eyes and approached the platform.

"Welcome ladies and gents to a match for the ages! The Fire Ferrets and Badgermoles face off today to determine who will go to the championship!" The announcer's voice bounced around the room raising the voices of the crowd filling Levy with anxiety and happiness. She scanned the crowd looking for Katie and spotted her by one of the exit and waved, she just nodded.

Katie scanned the area and spotted a few other guards, but found nothing out of place with the crowd. She was still uneasy every since the morning but she kept telling herself it was just a dream. I need to speak to you Just then, a searing pain in her chest made her collapse and scream in pain. Some audience members began to scream but were silenced by the booming voice of the announcer, "Let Round One BEGIN!"

Remar saw the officer collapse from the platform. "Captain! Look!" he pointed toward the women and began to propel himself up there. Levy followed him but looked more worried than anyone in the audience, but tried to mask it quickly noticing that he was looking at her.

"Remar!" someone called, "Over here!" Aryeh waved him toward the women. She was clutching her chest while yelling in agony; she had a bandana over her right eye and dark brown hair. She slowly became silent, leading people to believe she had died. A chill filled the room, looking up and pointing toward the center of the arena appeared ... the Avatar.

But he wasn't the same, he had a look in his eye that didn't seem right and the hood did change that opinion. "Ladies and gentlemen!" he bowed, "I, your Avatar, have made a decision that will determine the next 10,000 years and believe me it is for the better." Around him, dark spirits arose and circled the platform.

"In order to prevent another terrorist act, I have taken the world into my own hands," He isn't saying that is he? Remar thought. Spirits began to appear along the walls of the arena, making many heads turn.

"In other words, I am your ruler." He raised his arms, and everything went insane.

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