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Emi Kazuko
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Yu Dao


Zune Kasai




84 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color

Chocolate brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice



Firebending, disguise

  • Reika (mother)
  • Zhun (father)

General Kuzai



Chronological and political information

Fire Nation spy


Elite Nation Academy


General Kuzai

First appearance


Emi Kazuko is the only child of Zhun and Reika Kazuko and an adept firebender.


Early Life

Emi was born in Yu Dao, an industrial Fire Nation colony in the Earth Kingdom. She spent a lot of time with her friend Taiyo of similar age, who was also an earthbender. She often played games with him involving the bending arts. Even at a young age, she was a skilled firebender and used it to her advantage in the games.

When Emi was five years old, her parents announced that they were moving to the Fire Nation, specifically the capital city of Zune Kasai. After discovering that Taiyo wouldn't be coming with her, she threw a tantrum, displaying her raw firebending skills. Unfortunately, this didn't change her parents' minds. Emi spent the following ten years in the capital.


Emi is a generally upbeat young woman. She has an acute sense of sarcasm and quick wit that always plays into her battles. She can easily infuriate an opponent with a few choice words, demonstrated by her duel against two criminals.

Behind her playful exterior, Emi is extremely loyal. She remains true to her friends no matter what happens, though this is often her greatest weakness because she places so much trust in them. She is easily blindsided by those she believes in.



Prodigy Azula

Emi was good at firebending from a young age.

Emi was a good firebender from a very young age. She demonstrated this in the games she played with Taiyo, showing her ability to control small flames and manipulate them. Inversely, when she got angry at her parents, her bending went out of control, lighting her fists on fire.

At age fifteen, her bending capabilities were good enough to be noticed by one of the highest-ranking generals in the Fire Nation, Warlord Kuzai, when she defended herself against two kidnappers hoping for an easy catch. This battle won her a spot at the Elite Nation Academy where she would be able to advance even further.



Emi doesn't really get along with her parents. She feels that they don't understand her and that they aren't supportive of what she wants. This caused her to get into arguments a lot, especially with her mother Reika, who claimed that she only wanted what was "best for [Emi]." Meanwhile, her father didn't try to stand up to his wife, fearing the consequences.

Unnamed Fire Nation boy

Emi knew Taiyo when they were much younger.


Taiyo was Emi's best friend when she was five years old and living in Yu Dao. Although she can't remember all the time they spent together, she can remember playing games and their sad goodbye. Taiyo usually isn't on her mind, but when she thinks of him, she wonders where he is and what he's doing. One of her favorite memories is the day when they both used their bending abilities to play hide-and-seek.


  • "Emi" means kindness and blessing
  • "Kazuko" means peace child
  • The current picture is not a completely accurate portrayal of Emi, just a placeholder until a better image can be found.

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