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Ember Island Landing


Battle for Roku's Island


Fire Nation Civil War


Ember Island


Decisive Blue Flame victory


Fire Nation

Blue Flame


Ember Island Governor

War Minister Qin

Forces involved

  • 50 royal guards
  • 1 cruiser
  • 200 soldiers
  • 3 cruisers


  • 10 royal guards killed
  • 40 POWs
  • 1 cruiser damaged
  • 5 soldiers killed
  • 1 cruiser sunk
  • 1 cruiser disarmed


The Ember Island Landing was the first battle of the Fire Nation Civil War.


Blue Flame forces unloaded on Ember Island late at night. The Blue Flame stormed the barracks and caught the Imperial Guard by surprise. The Imperial Guard were unprepared, under-supplied, outnumbered and out-matched.

A Fire Navy ship patrolling the area opened fire on one of the Blue Flame cruisers, piercing the lightly armoured deck and igniting the oil stores. However, it was faced with two more Blue Flame cruisers that damaged its hull and forced it to retreat. While retreating, however, it managed to destroy the main armaments of yet another Blue Flame cruiser.

The guards inside the barracks were trapped and unable to mount any serious resistance. Those who weren't killed or captured in the barracks escaped to the Governor's Residence, where they formed a defensive line. The Governor used his guards' resistance to buy him time to send a request for help to Fire Lord Zuko by messenger hawk.

The Governor, in full ceremonial clothing, greeted the invaders and surrendered his sword.


The Blue Flame's surprise attack had not only won it control of Ember Island, but also forced the surrender of all the other islands, including Crescent Island. News of the attack shocked Zuko and prompted him to send a task force to liberate the lost islands, thus starting the civil war.

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