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Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom/Fire Nation

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83 AG

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Dark brown

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Keden (father, deceased), Miri (mother, deceased), Meimu (maternal aunt)

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Mihoshi, Meimu, Han, Maya, Leyka, Aira, Ket-Ket, Maya-Ar


Kaligah, Fire Nation Army

Chronological and political information

Earth Kingdom

Elsi is a firebender who lives in the Earth Kingdom village of Midori. She was raised by her aunt after her parents were killed by the Fire Nation Army.


Early Life

Elsi was the firstborn and only child of Keden, a Fire Nation soldier forced to join the army, and Miri, a common Earth Kingdom woman. Keden had fallen in love with Miri during a Fire Nation attack on the Earth Kingdom, and she returned his love upon learning he wasn't a soldier of his own free will. Keden deserted the army and he and Miri hid away near Midori Village, as romance between them was forbidden by the Fire Nation. Unable to be legally married, they had a symbolic, private wedding and about a year later their daughter, Elsi, was born.

However, one week after this joyous event, the Fire Nation Army tracked down Keden and Miri. Keden ordered Miri to take Elsi and flee. He tried to fight the soldiers but was overpowered and killed. The soldiers then advanced on Miri, who concealed Elsi as well as she could and hid her under a bush outside. Just after this, the soldiers attacked and killed Miri, but they did not see Elsi and thus she survived.

The next day, Miri's sister Meimu, who lived nearby, heard the news that her sister and her sister's beloved had died. Meimu, being the only one who knew where the hideout was, quickly rushed to the scene, where she heard her niece's cries. Meimu adopted Elsi and raised her as her own.

When Elsi was still very little, Meimu introduced her to her childhood friend and next-door neighbor Maya. Little Elsi also met Maya's husband, Han, and daughter, Mihoshi, who was one year older than Elsi. Elsi and Mihoshi quickly became friends.

Elsi discovered she was a firebender when she was two years old. Meimu, Han and Maya were all frightened for Elsi, since if her bending was discovered she would become an outcast at best, and at worst be turned over to the Fire Nation, where she would be in danger because of her parents' forbidden romance. Thus, Meimu warned Elsi to keep her firebending a secret from everyone else, and Elsi did. When she turned four, Elsi used her firebending to make pretty lights and write messages with fire for the amusement of Mihoshi.

Birth of Leyka

When Elsi was six, Maya bore a second daughter, who she and Han named Leyka. Elsi viewed Leyka as her little sister as well as Mihoshi's. When Elsi was eight, she began firebending for Leyka's amusement. Leyka came to view Elsi as a big sister alongside Mihoshi, and as she got older she and Elsi became close friends.

The Frozen Forest

During the winter of 100 AG, Elsi was caught by surprise one night by the sheer strength of a blizzard. Upon investigating, she found out that the individual snowflakes were forcibly pushing everything away from a certain point. When the mysterious blizzard died down, Elsi walked in the direction she had been pushed away from and found that an entire section of the forest surrounding her village had been cut off by a wall of ice.

The next day, she informed Leyka about the strange occurrence. Leyka, in turn, told Mihoshi. Elsi was willing to show them both the ice wall, but when Mihoshi asked Elsi to melt it with her firebending, Elsi refused, fearing that danger lay beyond the wall. However, upon seeing Mihoshi's disappointment, Elsi had a sudden feeling that she just couldn't let Mihoshi down. Thus, Elsi bent a stream of fire at a part of the wall and slowly melted it, leaving a gap wide enough for people to cross. She and Leyka then followed Mihoshi through the gap.

Inside the forest, Elsi and her friends found what they thought was a Fire Nation soldier, but it turned out to be just a figure made of snow. They saw more snow soldiers modeled after those from the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes. Suddenly, the snowmen came to life and started to attack the three girls. Elsi helped her friends fight them by melting the snow warriors, but stopped when one of them grabbed hold of Leyka. Elsi also heard the voice of Kaligah, who was bending the snow in the soldiers, taunting her. Elsi wanted to help Leyka but she hesitated because she didn't want to hurt her with fire. This moment of hesitation cost her and Mihoshi their chance at rescuing Leyka, as more snow warriors blocked her from their sight.

After taking in the shock of what had happened, Elsi resolved to find Leyka. It was at that very moment that Ket-Ket showed herself to Elsi and Mihoshi. Mihoshi asked Ket-Ket if she knew where Leyka was. Ket-Ket did, so Elsi and Mihoshi followed her.

Meeting Aira

Ket-Ket took Elsi and Mihoshi to Aira's fort, where they found Leyka unharmed. Aira was also there and introduced herself. Elsi angrily asked Aira if she had been behind the abduction of Leyka. When Aira said she had done so to "save" Leyka, Elsi did not believe her and got angry. She became more suspicious when Aira said that what she had "saved" Leyka from was too unbelievable to tell. Furthermore, Leyka recounted how the snow warrior had brought her to Aira's fort and then Aira had told her to stay. This convinced Elsi that Aira was a kidnapper, and she started to take Leyka and Mihoshi back to Midori Village. Aira told them they would not be safe, but Elsi still did not believe her and said she had heard her call out during her fight against the snow warriors, not knowing that the voice actually belonged to Kaligah. Aira denied having been there, and Elsi asked who it was. Aira simply replied that it was a cold-hearted person. She said Elsi and her friends should not try to escape because the snow warriors would stop them, and Aira had already tried to escape but the forest had been sealed up with ice before she could.

Elsi still did not believe Aira, but she stayed at the fort with Mihoshi and Leyka because Aira would not let them leave. She talked to Mihoshi about Aira's motivations, and confided in Mihoshi that she was scared of being found out as a firebender because Aira and Ket-Ket had seen. She was also worried about Leyka, thinking Aira would turn her into an ice person.

Falling in Love

Elsi and Mihoshi continued to talk to each other, expressing the hope that they would see their families again soon. As this happened, Elsi and Mihoshi looked at each other, and Elsi began to see Mihoshi in a romanticized light. She realized that she loved Mihoshi as she began to remember all the good times they had together as children. Mihoshi started to confess her love for Elsi and ended up kissing her, a kiss that Elsi fully returned.

The two of them pulled apart and Elsi and Mihoshi affirmed their love for one another. Elsi had never been happier in her life.

Encounter with Kaligah

Suddenly, Elsi heard a crash and Leyka, Ket-Ket and Aira burst in. They said the snow warriors had broken in. Aira panicked about someone she wanted to protect and asked Elsi to use her firebending against the snow warriors. She did so, fighting alongside Ket-Ket, but they were quickly outnumbered. Elsi was not able to stop some snow warriors from dragging Aira away from an ice fireplace, which cracked down the center and broke, revealing a secret room where Maya-Ar was hiding.

Kaligah entered the room and threatened Aira and Maya-Ar, which made Elsi mad. She demanded to know who Kaligah was, and Kaligah told her, saying that Elsi, Mihoshi and Leyka were worthy of joining her.


Elsi is caring and friendly, but also serious at times. She is very protective of the people she cares about, since she fears they might be targeted like her parents were. Elsi is also secretive. She talks about her firebending to no one save Meimu and Mihoshi's family, and she does not let anyone else know she is a firebender.

When Elsi is with Mihoshi and/or Leyka, however, she shows her fun side. She likes exploring the forests with Leyka and Mihoshi, and if there is absolutely no one else around, she will make fire for their amusement. She especially likes melting snowballs during snowball fights in winter.




  • Elsi's name was inspired by Elsa from Disney's Frozen. It was created by taking the "e" off the end of the name "Elsie".
  • Elsi's character was initially inspired by Elsa from Frozen, as in "what if Elsa was a firebender?" I tweaked the story to make her into an original character rather than a duplicate of Elsa, giving Elsi control of her firebending and a different reason she hid it from all but family and close friends. She is also inspired by the character of Harry Potter, as both their parents were killed by the side of evil, and she shares personality traits with Harry as well as Elsa.

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