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Revenge and Debts





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November 20, 2011

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"Kae Li, hurry! SHE might still be onto us!" Eloki shouted.

Ohhh. I wonder if Maman will be angry at us for resisting HER...? Eloki grabbed his little sister's hand and ran through the whipping branches until the small town of Hu' Syuten was revealed. He stopped and gasped for breath. Should he tell anyone? Azula said that she would kill him and all his loved ones if he betrayed her location, but then...she might only be bluffing.

"Zylia, you won't 'believe what me and Eloki saw in the forest!" Kae Li hurriedly chattered to her best friend.

Eloki caught his breath. "Kae Li, you shouldn' tell--"

Too late. " I saw Eloki FIREBENDING! Really BIG! It's a miracle he didn't burn the forest down!"

He exhaled. She is, thankfully, not so simpleminded as I thought. She, at least, has the sense to keep her trap shut. If only an adult would do the same. At this, Eloki started to remember things...far too fast things....

His father was dead, killed in action, missing in the Earth Kingdom... His mother, firmly believing in the regime, saying, "When the war is over, all things will become right again for us in the Fire Nation!".... The war was over...even across the sea, he could still see the burned after images of the colossal battle between A.) the Avatar and Ozai and B.) Zuko and Azula. His sister had buried her face into his shirt in fear and horror... Everywhere in the village, fathers were returning home, but they were waiting in the square, miserably knowing that their father was not among them.... The Fire Lord started encouraging fun and games, and he danced with a girl for the first time in his life.... He started to be mocked less for his lack of Firebending, no doubt due to the new monarchy system... Azula, coming out of the treeline, he and his sister screaming in fear...

"Kae Li, we're leaving. It's lucky that we got to the village square so early, so Maman won't miss us. We should not waste our good fortune."
Ember Island port

Eloki's home village

"Bye, Zylia! Tell Ming that she'd better watch her back! Eloki can burn her and send her to the Spirit World if she is mean anymore!"

"SHUT UP!!!!" Eloki bellowed.

But something was wrong. Maman was not in her usual waiting-place. Instead, a Fire Nation Royal Guard soldier was there, impatiently tapping his foot, with his mother hovering fearfully behind him.

"There you are." They both said at the same time, their mother's warm, soft voice and the soldier's harsh, metallic one caused by his helmet. But at this, his mother hurriedly stepped back, bowed her head, and said no more.

"Fire Lord Zuko has heard that his sister, Princess Azula, had broken out of her prison and was wandering the forest. As you two were the latest ones in the forest, I would like to ask you: did you or did you not encounter Princess Azula?"


Thump, thump, thump, thump...

Azula jerked awake, and ran. She recognized this sound, by years of war expertise, only too well. She also knew that this was no illusion, as the very ground shook with the force of the marching of hundreds of soldiers; directly behind her.

Thump, thump, thump...."Oh Great Sozin, I know that my act is most cowardly, but please, grant me solace from these soldiers who wish to do me harm. I must be alive for another day, when I will carry out your will as my brother lies dying at my feet, and I am crowned as Fire Lord."

As she ran, she created a little fire, just a tiny bit, and to her infuriation, it was still red. But the marching grew louder and her distance apart from its source grew nearer, she had a plan. She executed a sharp left turn and swung herself up a tree.


"I said, did you see her? We must know. Azula is a very real threat to society as we know it."

Eloki bravely took up the stand. "Who is we?" He said loudly, trying to cover up his shaking voice and body. "Who is we?"

"The remains of the army. As I take it from your mother, you lost your father in the War, due to Azula and the previous three Fire Lords. Do you not want revenge upon your father's murderers? Tell us. Please."

"Yes." Kae Li whispered, a whisper of a whisper. "We saw her, as Eloki practiced his fire. She just came out of the woods, like a ghost. She told us...she...she..."
Sela cries

Their mother, Leai.

"That she would kill everyone we loved if we told anyone. Yes. And know you have condemned my sister and I to our doom. Happy?"

Their mother started to cry. "If this is true...that she is back...we are all doomed."

"That is why I'm here, personally attending to this...problem."
Fire Lord Zuko

Fire Lord Zuko, looking for Azula.


Fire Lord Zuko knelt down, eye-to eye with Kae Li and Eloki, and said,

"Azula is a bit like fire itself. Uncontrollable to most, but easy with the proper and cautious handler. Will you help me find her and avenge those who were killed in the War, including your father?"

"They'll be safe, right?" Their mother inquired worriedly.

"Mom." Eloki said, hugging her gently and then pulling away. This hurt, hurt so much, but he had to. In order to protect her and his sister.

Eloki nodded, and found his sister was, as well. "We'll help."

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