By Dr.Doom23 Part of the The Secrets of the Beast continuity.
"To inflict a wound on Master Mori...that is impossible"
— Ella saying such to Aang

The Empress of the Winds is a very loyal to Mòrì but not because it is her own personal choice but rather because it is because of something outside her control.

Biographical information

Air Nomad

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

A fan with a spear tip at the end

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

Assassin/The Elemental Lord of Air


Sediao/Four Lords of The Elements




She had died long ago with the genocide of the Air Nomads but Mori with his deep knowledge of magic had her resurrected as a test of that power now without a true will for herself she serves Mòrì with question


She seems flirty yet is a graceful maiden and seems easy going and carefree but when Mori is uninterested with her opinions then he changes her into an emotionless state in which she cannot be effected by anything but Mori's orders


She has short brown hair and light brown eyes, she wears a white kimono with orange hakama

Abilities & Equipment

Her agility and speed was unparalleled and she was faster than any being, immortal or otherwise. She could blow

Eklow The Dragon by Sagitarii

The Air Dragon

strong gusts of icy wind and use magic to create tornadoes, can levitate by manipulating the wind around her, allowing her to strike the opponent from a safe distance. She can also send miniature tornadoes at her opponents that spin them around several times and leave them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Additionally, she can levitate the opponent and slam them down on the ground and transform herself into a tornado to heave them towards her.

One of her more powerful abilities is to form a large wind dragon that can sweep across the land and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught by it will have all the air removed from their lungs until the dragon dissipates.


Based on Sindel of Mortal Kombat, Okuni from Samurai Warriors, and Barbaricca from Final Fantasy 4.

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