Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Elements: Saga of the Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Elements: Saga of the Avatar -Vanja1995

Elements is the continuity of which the Avatar Fanfiction Nomad falls in.


All stories are preceded by "Avatar:"

1: The Last Airbender

The original story is considered part of the series because the series follow suit as close to Canon as possible.

2: Nomad

Aang is 17. Ozai has been assassinated. Team Avatar struggles in the new world, and Aang searches for a way to fully master Energybending and reastablish the Airbenders, but recently escaped Azula (almost back to her old self) and her followers are determined to avenge the Old Fire Nation.

3: White Shadows

Aang's death at age 212 (biologically 112) creates sorrow throughout the world, and for 16 years, the World will be Avatar-less. Soon, a secret organization against the Avatar, the Shadowbenders is formed in the back-streets of Centralium, the World Capital on man-made island in the middle of the ocean. The Shadowbenders are governed secretly, and seek out anyone born with "Shadowbending," being able to bend the light around them and become invisible. This art was developed from the twisted bending power floating around when hundreds of unorthodox benders were created. Twins Renatta(Ren) and Raffael(Raff) born to the ShadowBenders are each dispatched to one of the Poles a few months before the new Avatar's 16th birthday, calculated from Aang's death. They are spies meant to find the new Avatar before he becomes fully realised, and bring him back to Centralium to steal the essence of the Avatar Spirit for the Shadowbenders. However, while in the South Pole, now the same size as the north (both are now huge thriving cities with stone buildings and roads), Raff falls in love with Katara and Aang's granddaughter, Takuma; and Ren in the North begins to get healing Waterbending powers. The story covers the twins' struggle to find what's right, and attempting to warn Fire Lord Rozon of the Shadowbenders' plan to make the first Shadowbender Avatar.


Currently, Nomad is cancelled, and can be viewed here.

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