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For the longest time only the Avatar had the power to use the special Avatar State. But since Avatar Korra passed away benders learned to use Elemental States which allows them to summon powerful amounts of fire, water, earth or airbending forms. Like the Avatar State, as a bender enters and uses their bending state their eyes and any spiritual markings glow based on the colors of their nation. For example a waterbender's eyes would glow bright blue.

Different states

Airbending State- An Air Nomad bender who uses the state (master or student) their eyes and or tattoos will glow bright yellow and will have the ability to fly unaided by bison or glider, they will have the ability to move and re-shape clouds with out a waterbender's aid and while meditating they have the power to bestow arrow tattoos unto newly mastered airbenders as well as perform great and powerful airbending forms.

Waterbending State- A waterbender who uses their state (master or student) their eyes will glow bright blue as well as any spiritual Water Tribe markings. While in the Water State a waterbender may perform very powerful waterbending techniques. They also have the power of healing even if the bender does not have that ability on their own. Bloodbending is also usable but due to its dark properties the bender's eyes will then glow red.

Earthbending State- When an earthbender uses their state their eyes will glow bright green and they are able to perform attacks or forms so powerful they may even split a piece of land using a tectonic which is something only the Avatar was capable of due to the fact that both airbending and firebending is needed as well as earthbending. Metalbending may also be used in the state at that point the bender's eyes glow a silvery/white color as they bend.

Firebending State- When a firebender uses their state their eyes will glow blood red and they are able to perform colossal sized fire bending forms. As well the abilities to generate lightning is performable as well as creating blue flames. Lavabending is also usable which is unusual because like tectonics it requires more than just fire.

Entering a state

There are two ways a bender can enter their state. One way is when a bender has completely mastered their element then they learn the ways of the state and how to control it. A bender who has complete control over their state, their eyes will only glow momentarily but they will still use the power until their eyes glow a second time in which they exit the state. The other way the state works is when it is triggered accidentally by a non-master bender in which case they will have little to no control over what they may do in the state. A non-master bender may perform bending forms that they have yet to learn. The only way to get them out of the state is if a master bender enters the state and forces the student out.

Avatar Usage

An Avatar also has the ability to enter any of these states but they can also fuse two elemental states together for a combo. As each of the 4 states each have their own respected color of eyes when the state is used an Avatar's eyes and or tattoos will mix together a new color that corresponds with the combination of the elements being used. With an Avatar, when entering a solo state they can only use the bending of the state they enter, if entering a combo state then they can control up to 3 elements at once, if they intend to use all 4 elements they must use the Avatar State.

Below is a grid for elemental combinations:

Solo Colors

  • Air-Yellow or White
  • Water-Blue
  • Earth-Green
  • Fire-Red

Combined Colors

  • Airbending Fuses
  • Air+Water=Green or Icy Light Blue if eyes glow white and blue
  • Air+Earth=Yellow-green or bright green
  • Air+Fire=Orange or Pink if fused with red and white
  • Waterbending Fuses
  • Water+Air=Green/Icy Blue
  • Water+Earth=Blue-Green or Turquoise
  • Water+Fire=Violet/Purple
  • Earthbending Fuses
  • Earth+Air=Lime Green
  • Earth+Water=Turquoise
  • Earth+Fire=Neon Yellow
  • Firebending Fuses
  • Fire+Air=Orange/Pink
  • Fire+Water=Purple
  • Fire+Earth=Neon Yellow

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