Elemental Spirits
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Avatar Book 3: The Host


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Azulon, Azula.

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I was training my Firebending on the middle of the night outside of our wooden house, the stars were glowing and my grandmother was watching me silently on her favorite rocking chair, the radio kept transmitting the news that Avatar Korra defeated Unalaq and the portals to the spirit realm were opened to anyone. We were located in Fire Fountain City, east of the Fire Nation Capitol. My grandmother, Azula, left the Royal life to focus on taking revenge from the Team Avatar and the Fire Nation. She kept me training since I was 5 and I'd never met my parents, I don't know why my grandma doesn't want to talk about it.

"Let's go inside son, dinner should be ready soon."

She said as she walked to the back entrance. I fired my last fire throw and took a deep breath, clearing my mind as I heard the crowd from the radio cheering up to Korra by accomplishing another victory, I could sense someone sneaking from the woods next to our home.

"Show yourself!" I shouted to the trees, only wind gave me the response.

"Azulon! Is everything okay?" asked Azula.

"I guess."

I replied towards the door, I walked inside the house. My grandma was sitting in front of a wooden table in the middle of the dining room and a fireplace on the east wall. I took place next to her right; she started to serve the meals while the radio tuned a song and the scent of the food filled the room. My grandma was sipping her cup of tea when I asked.

"Grandma? ... Is it correct to live together with spirits?"

She took her cup down to the table and looked at me with her tired eyes' amber color. I looked at the lines of her face, her beautiful grey hair pulled behind. I always thought she was beautiful in her youth, even that does not have any portrait of her or his family, his mouth began to move.

"Korra doesn't know that the Elemental Spirits will be free in the world again, she's doing a big mistake by letting the portals open, once the Elemental Spirits cross the portal, the world will be worse than it is now," she said with her broken voice.

"Why? What will happen if they come to the world?" I asked curiously.

She started to eat her noodles leaving me without an answer. I started to eat my soup too, when she replied.

"If the Elemental Spirits come to the world, they will start fighting each other until one defeats the others, but they will need a host to win."

After those words the dinner time became cold, we didn't make any conversation afterwards. Several minutes later we finished eating our meals. I helped Azula to lie down on her bed and left her room walking towards to the kitchen and began to do the dishes. I lowered the volume of the radio as I started cleaning few of them, her voice kept echoing in my head.

"They need a host to win."

I went to my room muttering those words, I laid on my bed and asked to myself.

"Who can be this 'host' for these spirits?"

"... Is he ready?"

"... More than ever."

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