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Elemental Inhalation

Elemental inhalation is when you breath in an element for many things such as healing, strength build-up and more so far the only two elements able to be inhaled is air and fire


Inhaling fire is a hard the benders body must be strong and able to withstand the fire. The fire inside the body could be used for enhanced breath of fire, enhanced firebending and fire absorption.


Unlike Fire inhaling air is much easier  the air could be used for healing properties such as cleaning the lungs and windpipe and enhanced airbending and breath of air. 


The bender must be able to convert all that energy so it can be used and, for airbenders, if the bender inhales unclean air could cause pain and sickness and for firebenders the fire must be fresh or pre-created you can only inhale your own fire or pr-created fire inhaling a firebenders fire could cause sickness.

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