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The cover sheet of the thesis.

Elemental Conversion is a thesis written by Philip Hellene in the time of the Avatar, 9839, or 10 AG.


The ancient philosopher of the second century in the time of the Avatar, Thales, believed that all the alleged elements (which we now know not to be elements) were derived from water. He believed that water could be transformed into other elements. Other philosophers have championed other elements (presumably their native elements) as the root of all others.

However, there has yet to be experimentation to provide a conclusive answer. The research has proven that an airbender can indeed convert his native element into other elements through means of compressing and rarefying the bonds - however, this has yet to be accomplished by other benders.



To formulate an accurate experiment, three different types of bender are needed - fire, water and earth. Each will need a source of their own element for conversion. Firebenders will be required to convert an external source for ease of analysis.


The following instructions were issued to each bender.

  1. Focus on the elemental bonds in your source material.
  2. Attempt to pull apart the elemental bonds until you achieve conversion into a higher element. Stop upon reaching fire.
  3. Attempt to force the bonds together until you achieve conversion into a lower element. Continue the compression until you reach earth.
  4. Attempt the same with elements you cannot bend.
  5. Using your native element, bend a stream and then convert it to another element.


Elemental conversion was practical for three of the four bending arts. The mobile elements - air, water and fire - could be converted interchangeably. An airbender could bend a stream of air and convert it into fire or water mid-flight; a similar thing is possible for water and fire. However, with earth, it is not the case, although it can be converted, the earthbender will be unable to make any use of it.

It has appeared that all benders were able to convert another element into not just their native element, but into other elements. That is, an airbender can convert a fire into air, water or earth. This allows a skilled waterbender to go into combat without a water pouch. During the battle of the air temples, Nikkolas was able to convert large plumes of fire into water and use them in battle; Philip Hellene was also able to disperse comet-enhanced fire balls before they came within range.

These experiments do not prove which element is the basic element, rather it proves that there is not a base element. All elements can be freely converted to each other.

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