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Elemental checkers is a game played in the Avatar World similar the checkers. The game is played like checkers only the pieces have elements that react differently to each other. The black side traditionally has elements fire and earth, where as the white checkers have elements water and air. Elements that are opposites destroy each other and the elements that aren't opposite are played like normal checkers, which ever jumps the other first. For example, if water jumps fire both pieces are lost, unless the water piece has the opportunity to double jump an element that is not its natural opposite. In the case of a double jump even if one of the pieces is a natural opposite the pieces that jumps them is not lost. When one piece gets to one side of the checkers board it becomes an Avatar. The Avatar piece can jump any element and can move back and forth. The game is won when all the pieces of the opposite team are gone.

The game is most popular in the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation.








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