Electricity Lockdown
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May 17th, 2015

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The Day of the Avatar

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Gameshow of Horror - Part 1: Enter the Games

Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Someday, The Lost Earthbender will bring balance to the world.

Republic City was in darkness as a mysterious someone shut down all power. Jing and his friends; Luli, Chang, Bo, Asami and Jinora, were on their way to find the source of the power in the dark with Jing holding a flashlight. They all rode on Lu-Pan as Badgermoles can feel the earth and everything in its way.

"Come on, guys! We're only a couple of miles away from the station," said Jing.

Chang used his firebending to see through the dark. A little fireball in his hand.

"Do you think someone did this deliberately?" said Bo.

"I can't be certain; if it is on purpose, maybe someone wants to get rid of the Avatar," replied Jinora.

Jing listened to Jinora's words and gulped. Lu-Pan stopped and the power station was near by.

"Let's split up. Luli, Chang and Jinora, you stay as a group, I will be with Asami and Bo. Lu-Pan, hide in that empty garage," said Jing.

Lu-Pan hid and the groups split up to find the source of the power.

"My flashlight is going out!" said Jing.

"I don't have any batteries," replied Bo.

"Yeah, me too," also said Asami.

Jing started to get annoyed and his flashlight lost its power.

"Great," said an annoyed Jing.

Luli, Chang and Jinora arrived at the station's main hall, where they could see the power had been tampered with.

"Look, the power's been tampered," said Jinora.

Jinora showed the damage to Luli and Chang.

"Someone did this on purpose to ruin Avatar Jing Day," said Luli.

Chang got some candles out and placed them on each corner of the hall.

"Chang, when did you even get those candles?" said Luli.

"A good bender always needs to prepare himself," replied Chang.

"Good work, Chang!" said Jinora.

They investigate the damage and saw a loose wire on the edge of the box.

"Loose wire. We need something to make it work," said Jinora.

"Fire!" said Chang.

Chang firebent the metal to melt and stick on to the wire. Chang switched it on and the power exploded. Jing, Asami and Bo arrived on the scene to find the hall on fire.

"What happened?" Jing asked.

"Ask this walnut of a firebender over here!" Luli said angrily.

"Luli, stop being a sore waterbender!" shouted Chang.

"Everyone shut up and let's get out before the fire spreads!" shouted Jing.

The fire spread quickly and exploded again. Everyone screamed and ran towards the exit. Luli started to waterbend the fire to stop spreading, Jinora used her air transport to get everyone out quick; the fire was much quicker than the air.

"Ahhhhh! Jinora, more air," screamed Jing.

The air got much quicker as everyone held hands as they were flying towards the exit. The ceiling started to collapse and the gang avoided the falling ceiling.

"Jing, earthbend the walls!" said Bo.

"But I can't; the walls are made of metal, I can't earthbend metal," shouted Jing.

The station exploded once more and everyone was sent flying towards the exit and crashed landed onto the car park.

Everyone was unconscious; there was the mysterious man standing in front of Jing; he captured him and his friends using sacks. They threw them into the van, which said, "Spirit Games".

The mysterious man said on his mobile phone, "I got the Avatar. Let's test him with his knowledge, shall we?"

The mysterious man laughed and the woman on the mobile phone also laughed as well. He drove away, leaving Lu-Pan, who tried to go after the van.

End of Chapter

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