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High-Speed electric trains were used in the plasma planet before they came to Planet Avatar. It came to the Avatar planet before -1000BG. It was first used between Ba Sing Se and the Northern Water Tribe, then it was accessible from the Fire Nation, Air Nation, and the Southern Water Tribe.

Track Gauge

-5 ft. 6 in. (66 in) (1676 mm)


They are powered by overhead electrification. There are two wires, which are one above another.

The hight of the wire from the tracks is 6.5 meters or 21.3255 feet.

Direct (DC) Current Routes

-Metropolitan Transit systems.

-Old routes of Plasma Planet (now getting converted to AC Current Routes)

Alternating (AC) Current Routes

-All electrified railway lines in Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomad

-Most electrified railway networks in Plasma Planet.

The North-South Superfast

This was the first Electric Superfast from the Northern Water Tribe to the Southern Water Tribe.

Air Nomad Special

Not much is known about this corridor's original state. The only thing we know is it ran from the Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern, and into the Earth-Air international bridge. It shut down when the firebenders killed the airbenders at the time of Fire Lord Sozin. The track was reopened as a freight-only 5 years after all the airbenders died. The passenger station disappeared over time. The route is now used only for trading. It was renamed the Planet Avatar Freight Route. It still uses 5'6" (66in) (1676mm) gauge tracks so it is still interconnected.

Fire-Earth Speed

This train was the fastest train but also the most expensive train in Planet Avatar. It went at 1899 k/mph; at this speed, anyone who stood on the track would die before they knew what hit them! This train was special because sometimes the Earth King and the Fire Lord traveled on this train.

Planet Avatar - Plasma Planet Superfast

This train travels through portals.

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