By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
El Jefe
El Jefe
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Rioichi, Ty, Raven

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Ninja Cooper PT2

El Jefe is a ruthless military tiger that appears in Feudal Japan thanks to Le Paradox. He had a very impressing record to illegally overthrow several small countries! Before Ty and Raven showed up, he had managed to takes Rioichi's sushi shop out of business by framing him for selling poisoned sushi to the locals. Not only that, he made a false deal with Smile Dog that if he can get Rioichi's cane and bring it to him, El Jefe would tell him where Le Paradox is.

Avatar: New Universe II

El Jefe first shows up after Ty, Raven and Rioichi get back in the sushi shop, going to go inside to get them. His guards try to get him to not go but he simply ignores them. However, he remembers his false deal and decides to wait. Later on that night, he was found with Smile Dog when Smile Dog gave him the stolen cane he asked for, and he ran off to his palace.

He was found again by his gigantic statue, shooting at Smile Dog and Ghost with firebending. It was here that he revealed that he lied about the deal, and he got what he came for. He races off with the cane and fights Ty and Rioichi for a bit until he threw the cane from the top of the statue. However, when Raven came back with the cane, he tries one last attack, but the reflecting of Raven's magic knocked him off the statue, into the canyon below, seemingly killing him.

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