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Eel Strikers
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Captain Sia Re


Captain Sia Re


General Fong's base


Earth Kingdom

  • Single-Team covert ops missions (Anytime, anywhere)
  • Swift, stealthy, lucrative strikes to cripple Fire Nation assaults or defenses
The Eel Strikers are an elite, tight-knit crew of four founded to rival the existence of the Rough Rhinos. This team's primary mission is to serve as a special weapon under command of a skillful female youth, Captain Sia Re, via General Fong's oversight.

History and Founding

This organization was founded under the sole notion of Sia Re. After she had gained the status of Captain, she urged General Fong to allow her to flex her creativity to create a powerful team to rival the Rough Rhinos. This did not go over well initially, but with her persistent badgering and reasoning, General Fong finally submitted to the idea and allowed her to found the team.

The group made use of specially trained rare Eel Hounds. Captain Sia Re hand-picked three other warriors to stand by her side, creating an elite crew that worked in unison with one another during combat. This being a truly specialized team, General Fong immediately put them to use on covert missions against the Fire Nation.

The overall success and skill of this team led to immense praise and satisfaction from the General. So much so, that he personally founded a supportive team to operate in parallel and in support of the Eel Strikers; assigning a capable Earthbender, Captain Chu, at their head. This second crew was dubbed the Ridge Riders.


Captain Sia Re is the founder and leader of the Eel Strikers, with the admiration of General Fong. She is a gifted Earthbender, and highly valued tactician despite her young age in the military.

Her other three members are not currently fully developed. They do not rotate or change out, as opposed to the Ridge Rider's dynamic development. The three remain at her side and under her command throughout each mission.

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