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Wow did it take a long time to get this up and running! There were a lot of all-nighters, requests from coding companions, and sweat, blood, and tears. Maybe not the tears part.

I have to give Sokkajr a lot of credit on doing the coding for me. There will definitely be more content in future issues. This newsletter will give you news throughout the pro-bending world. Interviews, highlights, reviews, polls, quizzes and more will be given to you. In other words you could call it COMPLETE coverage. There's also the wiki side to it. The latest news in the admin boards and the War Room forums will be at your command. In the next edition interviews, reviews, user sent-in polls, and column from you will be added.

Your editor, author of Love in a Parallel Universe 18:57, September 9, 2012 (UTC)

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