By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.

Kyouga is the newest planet to be created by both Team Avatar and Teen Titans, and added to the many other worlds of the Core. This planet is an example of "Fauna Worlds", planets that are strictly animal sourced.

Legend animals

Upon permission from the Spirit Council, they allowed three very special legendary creatures in Kyouga. The main three represent the most important aspect of life on this planet, which the main inhabitants believe that created their world.


Kyouga is mainly a tropical-like planet, warm and moist most of the year everywhere. Due to the constant rain and heat, large, almost colossal plants grow to skyscraper size, in rare occasions. It usually rains for 2 months at a time but the equator lasts 3 times longer, the largest plants growing there. Unlike most forests made on normal planets, the heat of Kyouga only reaches about 80 degrees in summer at the highest, while in winter reaches to just 20 degrees at the lowest. Only at the poles does it ever snow, and when it does it doesn't melt until the heat of summer rolls in, and it starts snowing again at the tip of fall so it's snow covered most of the year. When rain season goes through, it often results in almost paranormal flooding, often deep rivers gaining 20 to 30 more feet in depth.


The flora of Kyouga is mostly similar to Earth rainforest plants, similar to giant trees and climbing vines. However the ground is often covered in moss instead of leaves due to the constant moisture. Moss on Kyouga is almost as abundant as grass on earth, only not gripping on sea islands. Different plants though look completely alien, like these for instance:

  • Bioplume - A rounded, edible fruit that grow in the canopy. as large as a watermelon with a mango flavor.
  • Star Lily - A 20-inch round rose. Glows a bright cyan blue during the full moon to attract pollinators.
  • Umbrella Tree - A gigantic tree with a bowl top to store water. The majority tree of Kyouga.

Many of the other plants are similar to those back on other planets in both behavior and appearance.


Fauna here are a bit varied depending on who had created them. some are chimeric, some look relatively normal, some look completely alien in their own right. Since the planet is mostly of rainforest and monsoon jungle, they mainly adapted to ether aquatic or arboreal life. There are a few rare exceptions when an animal is nether arboreal or aquatic.


  • Gold Mole - a large, burrowing mammal, resembling a giant mole.
  • Aerial Turtle - similar to a sea turtle except with wings for legs.
  • Koala Cow - an edible creature raised by the Groudon Tribe.
  • Owl Crow - an Avatar World hybrid between an owl and crow, found in gravesites.

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