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Altonia's Ecology

Altonia is the strange, yet thriving land that the main characters had been forced into. The land has many different habitats, flora and fauna. The landscapes vary upon regions, natural landmarks, and monuments that house unique creatures of every shape and size. From wet swamps to dry deserts, and from deep oceans to high mountain peaks.


The grasslands of Altonia are a wide open expanse of grass and scrubs. Out here on the open plains, the animals had to be alert in order to avoid danger. This habitat is home to the fastest animals of Altonia, like the Lightning wolves and the Gazelle-like Kelbi.


  1. Aptonoth - Large herbivores similar to a hybrid between the Hadrasaur and the Ankylosaur.
  2. Kelbi - Small and agile animals that are often found among larger animals as protection.
  3. Velociprey - small, Raptor-like creatures that hunt in pairs.
  4. Lightning Wolf - A dog sized predator that can use electricity to hunt prey.
  5. Wyvern - Giant flying dragons that breath fire.
  6. Uragaan - migrating herbivores that travel in huge herds.


The large Swamps of Altonia are much more like flooded rain forests. The water levels here are much more so then usual water levels, often over 80 feet deep. The animals here one might think could more be found in a sea rather than a swamp. Those who live here had to adapt to a life in water and land.


  1. Epiosu - peaceful, amphibious and solitary creatures that eat water plants.
  2. Angelpine fish - a stealthy, giant hybrid of and Angeler and porcupine fish
  3. Slaughterfish - small yet deadly fish with dagger-like teeth


A harsh landscape, the great desert of Altonia is the most inhospitable. Whatever life that can live here had to live off whatever they can to even exist at all. Some had even resort to cannibalism to survive. Despite most of its expanse, there are only very few deep gorges where water can be found.


  1. Sandfish - strange fish-crocodile hybrids that can swim in sand.
  2. Sandshark - a dangerous lizard-like creature that has a giant mouth
  3. Jhen Mohran - the largest creature of all Altonia, only found in the great desert
  4. Hammerbird - a winged hammerhead shark found by gorges.


This landscape is a lot more plentiful. Much of this land is covered in thick trees, much like other forests from other worlds but what makes these different was the nighttime of these forests. For most forests, it's usually dark and quiet but the forests of Altonia lite up with the largest concentration of fireflies, giving them the nickname Firefly Forest.


  1. firefly - small insects that use bioluminescence. Giving the forest its nickname.
  2. Gargwa - large duck-like creatures used as livestock
  3. Saberwolf - deadly hybrids of sabertooth cats and wolves
  4. Jinouga - a large lion-like monster that uses electricity as weapons.
  5. Bracchidios - a big T-Rex like creature with club like arms and explosive substances from its hands and head.

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