By Jacob13Kyle Part of the Contention and The Invasion continuity.
"She claims that her Empire will last a thousand years, I doubt it will extend more then a decade past her lifetime"
— John Rider upon the formation of the Empire
Kuvira's army icon
Eastern Empire
Political information
Type of government

Absolute Monarchy


173 AG

Head of State

Kuvira (173-195 AG), Jing (195-present)


Kuvira (173-195 AG), Circle of Three (195-present AG)

Societal information

Ba Sing Se


Imperial Day

The Eastern Empire was one of three powers formed following the fragmentation and start of the Earth Kingdom Civil War. Formed and led by Kuvira using military units from the old Earth Kingdom, the Empire was one of the most powerful factions during the war, and the only one to maintain independence following the end of the war in 194 AG.


What would become the Eastern Empire was born out of the chaos following the death of Earth Queen Hou-Ting in 172 AG. With the Earth Kingdom government leaderless and scattered, anarchy gripped the land. Military units struggled to maintain order, but were primarily restricted to the eastern parts of the old kingdom due to Ba Sing Se's location.

In 173 AG, a year following the death of the Queen, a young charismatic military mind named Kuvira ceased control of the remaining military units and declared the formation of a new Empire, naming herself Empress. The newly formed Empire struck westward with great speed and surprise, shocking both the Earth Republic and the Terra Union, the other two powers that had risen as well. For over ten years, the Empire waged a constantly shifting war until the conquest of the Terra Union in 184 AG.



Smug Kuvira

Kuvira, the First Empress

Kuvira was the creator, founder, and first Imperial ruler of the Eastern Empire. She was often hailed as The Great Uniter within the boarders of the Empire, and was deeply loved by thousands of people who supported her. Despite the love Kuvira supposedly had for her subjects, the truth was far from that shown in Imperial Propaganda.

Kuvira was in fact a very harsh ruler. She regularly conscripted young men and women fresh out of school and forced them into her army. She also viewed several tribes, namely the sandbender tribes with disdain and hatred. In fact, it was this hatred that led to several atrocities being committed during the War. Both the Sandbender Tribes and the Foggy Swamp Tribe were subjected to attempted genocides that left thousands dead.

Relations with other Nations

United Republic

The relations between the United Republic and the Eastern Empire have been sour at best since the Empire's founding. The two were at war during the final four years of the Earth Kingdom Civil War when the United Republic entered the fighting on the side of the Earth Republic, the Empire's primary enemy. In the years following the end of the war, the two nations have been engaged in a cold war, but neither side has been willing to fight.

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