By The Ultimate Waterbender Part of the When Air Nomads Walked the Earth continuity.
Eastern Air Temple
Eastern Air Temple
Physical information

Telukin Mountain Range


Colonized by Guru Pathik

Religious authority

Sister Iio

First appearance

Prologue: As the Sun Rises

The Eastern Air Temple is one of the four Air Temples in the World of Avatar and home to an exclusively female populus. It is a prime location in the series, When Air Nomads Walked the Earth].

The Eastern Air Temple was colonized by Guru Pathik and is led by Sister Iio along with the Council of Elders. Perched atop Kimlong Peak, the temple is relatively large and divided into three main sections: the Eastern Division, the Central Division and the Western Division. Within the elaborate civilization reside female Airbenders.

There are a multitude of various locations within the temple itself, including numerous courtyards where the yearly Airbending tournaments are to the High Temple where the Council of Elders gather to discuss global affairs. Sky Bisons are raised in the bison stables; young calves are tended to until they are mature enough to be adopted by young Air Nomad children. An array of exotic flora and fauna thrive in the environment. Vines, blossoms and shrubbery flourish in all corners of the temple. Air Nomads reside in houses, such as Syra's house.

The nomads of the temple follow traditional spiritual beliefs and exercise certain customs pertaining to their culture such as vegetarianism. The Avatar, notably the Air Avatar, Yangchen, is honored by all residents.

Major Locations

Eastern Air Temple tower

The Tower of Yangchen, a popular spot in the Eastern Air Temple.

  • Tower of Yangchen - This tower, also known as the Divine Spire, is the highest point of the temple and is named in honor of Avatar Yangchen. It is said that one can feel the cosmic energy flowing in from the universe greatest at this point. It is also a perfect site for stargazing.
  • High Temple - This grand edifice is the central location of the temple politically. All concerns and matters are discussed here amongst the Council of Elders and various prominent figures in society. The Main Sanctum of the High Temple is where only members of the Council of Elders associate.
  • Airbender School - This school is the central educational institution of the temple although smaller schools do exist within the temple. Here, Air Nomad children ranging from four to sixteen years-old learn subjects varying from world history to spiritual traditions to mastery of Airbending.
  • Bison Stables - The Bison stables house all Sky Bison living at the temple. Bison are provided open spaces for flying as well as a variety of other forms of enrichment.
  • Courtyards - There are multiple courtyards on the temple grounds. Courtyards are generally spacious and serve as locations for the Airbending tournaments, rendezvous points and more.
  • Yangchen Sanctuary - This sanctuary hosts numerous stone statues of Yangchen. This location is one of Syra's favorite hideaways in the temple.
  • Pankin Waterfall - A natural wonder of the Avatar World, this pristine waterfall is located just a few miles away from the Eastern Air Temple. It attracts dozens of Air Nomad civilians each summer.

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