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Name: Raidon Son of Haru.

Nation: Earth Kingdom.

Element: Earthbender.

Adv Elements: Through Sesmic Sense, Metalbending and Sandbending.

Affinty: Air.

Class: Middle Class.

Birth Season: Born During Winter.

Age: 16.

Fighting Style: Earth and Metalbending.

Evasion: Sandbending.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Style: Leopard Style Kung Fu.

Personality: Calm and Reserved but when intimidated is not scared to show off his earthbending prowess, fearless and assertive. Respectful to Women and his Elders especially those who hail from the Earth Kingdom, with prestige earthbending heritage his father Haru, Younger Brother to the Boulder Raidon been Mentored by his uncle the boulder in various earthbending styles. also been trained at Master Yus Earthbending Academy by Yu and Xin Fu both good friends of Haru his Father and Boulder his uncle. and Beifongs Metalbending Academy by the legendary Torph Inventor of Metalbending, Raidon honoured to learn her formed art taking less time after spending time with the bagermoles in the darken caves.

The Time He spent during his pilgrimage away from his family was to master all elements of earth and as he mastered 3 he never mastered crystal manipulation. In order to free his family from lives as mere farmers and to compete in the earthbending arena.

Preferred Melee Weapons: Nunchukas, and his Greatsword Named Kusen after His Brother who left to join the hundred year wars when raidon was only 3.

Aura Colour: Light Static Green.

Loyallty: His Loyallties dwell only to himself while hes journeying, but always stays strong ties back to his family in Omashu and Gaoling also having alot of relatives in Ba Sing Se.

Family: His Family Name is well known in Gaoling known for there Prestige in the Earthbending Arena.



He has mastered 5 earthbending scrolls also spending time with the bagermoles mastering the technique of tunneling through mountains and underground.

When Massively Enraged He can cause Earthquake shocks which can result in massive tsunamis.


He spent 3 years learning from his mentor Torph at the Beifong Metalbending Academy.


Spent a Year in the Sao Deserts, with his uncle Kai a sandbender/Journeyman and Adventurer collecting Earth Kingdom artifacts. with him practicing sandbending techniques.

History: His Birth takes place in Omashu but his family later leaving to live in Gaoling. His Family were nothing but farming earthbenders until Raidon shot a Colossal Rock 50 ft into the air at a passing Fire Nation hot air balloon destroying it. At that time his Father Haru and his Mother Mere Realised he had a stronger grasp on earthbending then they both did, as he was the maybe last blood descendant of Chin the conqueror on his mothers side, Mere also having Earthbending abilities mostly in water thus her abilities in healing and plant growing, she was known as the alchemist of Chin Village Daughter to a Noble Merchant leaving her family to run away with Haru an ex earthbending fighter and soldier. teaching what he knew of earthbending to Raidon his son at a very young age.

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