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The Earth Republic was one of the five nations, the state that succeeded the Earth Kingdom and Kuvira's short-lived Earth Empire. After the Battle for Republic City, Earth King Wu abdicated and declared his intent to form a confederation of democratic states. A royalist general named Dianying installed Prince Yang to the crown in Ba Sing Se, leading a new absolutist regime for a few months before being overthrown in a mass uprising. A number of politicians came together afterwards and formed the Provisional Government, which was meant to be a caretaker government until elections could be held. The new state was simply called the "Earth Republic," with the Provisional Government as its leadership until 178 AG. Since the nation needed leadership, the Earth Republic was immediately recognized by the Fire Nation, Water Tribes, and the United Republic.

However, the Earth Republic saw great unrest which eventually evolved into warfare. Several provinces did not recognize the new regime and proclaimed their independence, while royalists loyal to the Hou-Ting Dynasty and the Kuvirists attempted to sabotage it. A large number of men were drafted and taxes went up greatly (along with inflation), which resulted in riots throughout the country. These increased as the Earth coin lost value and the Republic's economy began to enter a depression.



Earth civil war

Government and politics

Executive branch

The head of state was the President of the Republic.

Legislative branch

The Constituent Assembly was the legislature of the Earth Republic, plans for which were originally drafted in 174 AG by the Provisional Government. Different political leaders were given time to create their political parties, and so the first elections for the 301 seats in the assembly occurred in 175 AG. Larger-scale elections were held in 180 AG, after the civil war ended and the country had been more or else stabilized.


Kuvira's army tanks

Armored elements of the Republican Army.

The Republican Armed Forces consisted of an army, navy, and air force. Although the Earth Republic was left with a large amount of old military equipment from the reign of Kuvira and Queen Hou-Ting, it lacked experienced officers and soldiers to use it. Many of the officers who had served under the two former monarchs were purged for potential disloyalty to the new government, thus resulting in younger inexperienced officers taking their place. Also, the army's support for General Dianying and his attempt to restore King Yang to the throne caused the military establishment to be viewed in a negative light by the Provisional Government and its supporters among the people. Mass conscription of the Republic's vast population also filled the ranks, although the quality of the average soldier and earthbender was very low. After a couple of years, the Provisional Government began re-enlisting former generals who had served under Kuvira or the late Queen in order to improve the military's quality.

However, the civil unrest that broke out in the early years of the Republic's existence resulted in the new army being put to the test.



Having always been the lowest priority under the Earth Kingdom government, the Republican Navy was downsized and had its budget cut numerous times. The new conflicts were mainly taking place on land, away from the coastal areas, and thus the Provisional Government considered development of the fleet a low priority. Nonetheless, the Republican Navy maintained several dozen ships, stationed mainly at the ports of Ba Sing Se and the Kyoshi Island naval base. Many of its sailors were later drafted into the ground forces as a manpower shortage began.

Air force


  • The Earth Republic is based on the French First Republic and the chaos during its first years is based on the French Revolution.
  • It is also based on the Republic of China's history in the decades between the 1911 revolution against the Qing Dynasty and the Second Sino-Japanese War.

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