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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Rebellion: Final Hope.

This article is about the Earth Kingdom Rebellion that appears in Rebellion: Final Hope; you may be looking for the Water Tribe Rebellion].
Earth Kingdom Rebellion
General information
Notable members

Sazuki Yuro


Rebellion Base, Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

  • Defeat the Fire Lord
  • Restore the Earth Kingdom

The Earth Kingdom Rebellion was a small but powerful legion of Earth Kingdom citizens who rose up against the Fire Nation a mere month before the end of Sozin's War. Formed after the fall of the Earth Kingdom by the Coup of Ba Sing Se, the rebellion struck back at any attempts to take over the kingdom. They as well attempted to free Ba Sing Se itself twice, but failed.

While failing, the Rebellion did successfully regain several Earth Kingdom cities, and created quite a bit of trouble for the Fire Nation. Their founder, Sazuki Yuro, was later killed during a battle, but hope strove on. The rebellion fell apart exactly a week before the Battle at Wulong Forest, and it's members went their separate ways.


Birth of a rebel


Sazuki sees the fire that would leave him scarred.

Sazuki Yuro was born in 85 AG. His family and him lived happily, until his village was burned to the ground by Fire Nation soldiers who wanted the village's money but were refused. Sazuki's family was killed in the massive fire, and Sazuki, smaller and closer to the exit, barely pulled himself out, singed and arm destroyed. After pulling himself out of the fire, he trekked for hours across the land, until meeting Mogra, who replaced his arm with a metal plated one. The two then set out together to live as wanderers, Mogra deciding to have to boy be his ward and train him. Sazuki learned life-lasting lessons, and become better skilled at his abilities. He also learned of the hardships the war caused on the world.

The Fall of the Earth Kingdom

Princess Azula and her friends infiltrated Ba Sing Se and overthrew it, killing Avatar Aang (who secretly was revived immediately afterward). Later, the Dai Li brought down Ba Sing Se's wall in order for the Fire Nation to pass through and take over the city.

Rising up

Early strikes

A Revolution

Final Days

Locations and headquarters

Technology and skills

Major engagements

Behind the Scenes

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