By The avatar Part of the The Phoenix Chronicles continuity.

The Earth Kingdom heir crisis had to do with the fact that Earth King Kuei did not have an heir. This event is from The Phoenix Chronicles, and is a fanon. It is written by The avatar, and any other users who are allowed to guest write, help, etc.


Earth King Kuei could not have a child, does making him not have an heir. Kuei, was recently very ill and, needed an heir in case he passed away. Since this was a very serious issue, he requested to see a lineage chart. He spent several months deciding who the heir would be, and found a very surprising fact. During that time he was incapable of ruling, since he could no longer trust any regent, after the Long Feng issue, he requested the Avatar create a council to rule in his place.

The Provisional government

Aang, as per Kuei 's request, assembled a 9-person council, while the King was ill and until a suitable heir could be found. The councilors were Toph, Aang, Bumi, Suki, The Mechanist, and 4 Earth Kingdom elders.

The result

It was found that Haru, was related to Kuei. Kuei with Haru's dad's approval made Haru crown prince. Ironically Kuei made a full recovery, but Haru was allowed to remain Crown prince, and eventually succeeded his distant relative, as Earth King.

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