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Sazuki declaration
Earth Kingdom Declaration of Rebellion
General information
  • Rebellion Bunker, Ba Sing Se (Written)
  • Han's fort, Ba Sing Se (Read)

100 AG


Declaration declaring that a rebellion had formed in the Earth Kingdom.

In 100 AG, the Earth Kingdom Rebellion declared their rebellion to the Fire Nation in a documentation on a parchment. Directed to Fire Lord Ozai, it was delivered to current Ba Sing Se deligator Brigadier Han by Takeshi Sagara. In the Declaration, the rebels informed the Fire Nation that they would not allow the occupation of their country any further, and that they would oppose any and all acts on the part of the Empire.


Original, non-translated text.
我們是地球王國的人民。 從誕生,我們遭受你殘忍的戰爭。 有站立并且觀看的那些人,當你的帝國燒毀世界,當你毀壞生活,當你拷打你自己的人民和世界其他地方的。 但是有與你戰鬥的那些人; 有有希望的那些人。

我們是那些人民; 我們是那希望。

我們發現你的" empire" 是狂喜的一個任意借口你的人的圖像在是更小的那些人,不可能戰鬥的那些人,你的軍隊能毀壞的那些人上。 你印歐語系的未來是種族主義者,不健康和可能只導致遭受的血液乾渴。

我們不輕地對待此,亦不我們實際上希望出故障。 當你坐在旁邊并且燒毀世界,你的帝國是無特定結構的,經濟上睏於床。 你的教友,你的人,丟失了它全部,因此你能獲取你能劫掠用你的狹窄手力量的所有刮落的碎屑。

你的祖先Sozin開始這瘋狂以想法改善世界和傳播火國家的子孫對所有角落。 但是結果有導致破壞,并且你是它是右手,與這樣的直接證明:你允許整個人的大屠殺是逍遙法外。 你幫助了燒在地球王國的土地下。 你在我們驕傲的城市非法地形成了徵稅和職業。 你拷打了無辜的人。你殺害了-屠殺和燒-數以萬計勇敢的戰士。 你改變我們的政府適合你的。 你殺害了我們全部裡面,并且從我們的人民被駕駛希望。

但是你不再將站立和你的帝國不再反對我們。 我們將反對你,并且以靈魂的名義你離開,不用主人和以地球王國的名義人民,宣稱我們將叛亂反對你。


Translated, English version.
We are the people of the Earth Kingdom. From birth, we have suffered from your merciless war. There are those who stand and watch as your Empire burns down the world, as you destroy lives, as you torture your own people and the rest of the world's. But there are those who will fight you; there are those who have hope.

We are those people; we are that hope.

We find that your "empire" is nothing but a arbitrary excuse to exult your image of people onto those who are smaller, those who cannot fight, those who your armies can destroy. Your Aryan future is racist, unsound, and a blood-thirst that can only lead to suffering.

We do not treat this lightly, nor do we actually wish to fail. Your empire is unstructured, economically bedridden as you sit aside and burn down the world. Your fellow brethren, your fellow human beings, have lost it all so you can gain all scrapings of power you can grab with your petty hands.

Your ancestry Sozin started this madness with the thought to better the world and spread the posterity of the Fire Nation to all corners. But the result has lead to destruction, and you are it's right hand, with direct proof of such:
You have allowed the massacre of an entire people to go unpunished.
You have helped burn down the land of the Earth Kingdom.
You have formed taxation and occupation illegally in our proud cities.
You have tortured innocent men.
You have killed - slaughtered and burned - thousands of brave soldiers.
You have changed our very government to fit yours.
You have killed us all inside, and driven hope from our people.

But no longer shall you stand, and no longer shall your Empire oppose us. We shall oppose you, and in the name of the souls you've left without a host, and in the name of the very people of the Earth Kingdom, do declare that we will rebel against you.

We hereby declare a state of rebellion against you and your armies.

Writing and preparing

"Ya know, there not gonna take us seriously; we are just a bunch of rag-tag punks punching soldiers."
"Then let's let 'em know we mean business...
Takeshi Sagara and Sazuki Yuro

The Declaration is signed by the rebels in their bunker.

Even though the Earth Kingdom Rebellion had already established themselves as existing when infiltrating Fire Nation official buildings in Ba Sing Se and stealing food for starving citizens, the Fire Nation still refused to announce their existence to Fire Lord Ozai. General Huang, Ba Sing Se's new taxer, once referred to the Rebellion unnamed and only as "minor disruptions." A member named Takeshi Sagara pointed out to founder and leader Sazuki Yuro that even though they had done much already, the Fire Nation would never take them seriously, and thus gave Sazuki the idea to make it, telling his co-founder Mogra to gather writing tools and go to the Bunker fort, where he laid them out and began jotting everything Sazuki told him to write.

Hunched Zuko

Takeshi sneaks under the city to reach Han's fort.

Sazuki was fast and frantic when telling what Mogra would write, opening up his vast knowledge of the terrors of the War and the Fire Nation, along with the personal experience he felt with his arm being crushed by a fire caused by Fire Nation men and being forced to be replaced by a metal-platted one. Mogra was excellent from his days of addressing letters in the war when he was a Fire Nation soldier, and the declaration was finished in no time, all rebels signing it.

Sazuki told Takeshi to deliver it, as he was a very slick and stealthy rebel, and so Takeshi traveled from the bunker underground to a tunnel pipe. He traveled through the tunnels until he reached the vast underground catacombs that made up the old part of the city. He traveled upward until he made it into a city alleyway, and delivered it onto the front desk of current Ba Sing Se-holder, Brigadier Han, who read it in fury.

Fire Nation response to declaration

Brigadier Han was so enraged by the declaration that he burned it and through it to the floor. He then told the soldier who handed the parchment to him to never tell anyone about the declaration, and to leave. Still steaming, he swore to stop this rebellion before it made any mark on the War at all.

The Fire Lord was never informed of the declaration, nor was he informed of the rebellion itself, until weeks from the actual reading of the document. When he was informed of the rebellion and its causes, he decided, after a suggestion from his daughter Azula, to burn the Earth Kingdom's land to the ground with the passing of Sozin's Comet.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Declaration was inspired by real life United States Declaration of Independence. Co-writer SuperFlash101 was brought the idea when reading an article on Wookieepedia, which reminded him of the intensity and impact of the American Declaration, and decided to work it into the Rebellion project.

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