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Earth Kingdom Civil War


War of Chin the Conqueror


Earth Kingdom


  • Peaceful Settlement
  • Various confederate states of the Earth Kingdom given greater autonomy


  • Omashu
  • Several western city-states
  • Ba Sing Se
  • Some eastern city-states


  • Avatar Zhengyi
  • King Zau of Omashu
  • General Boh Jeun-jung

Forces involved



The Earth Kingdom Civil War was an internal conflict of the Earth Kingdom that occurred between 855 BG and 840 BG. It originated as tensions between Omashu and Ba Sing Se increased over which city should take the greater political role in the Earth Kingdom, and over how much sovereignty the confederate city-states within the Earth Kingdom should be given.


In 868 BG, Omashu entered into a political dispute with Ba Sing Se over the right to keep taxes paid by farmers in the region around Omashu. At that time, all city-states within the Earth Kingdom collected taxes from their own people, kept most of it, and paid a certain percentage to the royal government in Ba Sing Se. For environmental reasons, the details of which are unclear, Omashu could not collect the amount of agricultural income they usually did and asked the Earth King's government to allow them to pay a smaller percentage, so that they could keep more. The Earth King did not grant the request, believing it would set a dangerous precedent by which every city-state would try to pay less than its fair share.

Avatar Maiara brokered an agreement between Omashu and the royal government in Ba Sing Se before this dispute came to violence. Maiara was very old by this time, and did not realize that the situation had not been fully resolved. In fact, because of the Earth Kingdom's size and diverse population, economic disputes of this kind were very common, and tended to occur every few years, so Maiara had no reason to believe the conflict would grow into open warfare.

As Avatar Maiara turned her attention elsewhere in her final years, tensions between Omashu and Ba Sing Se simmered. The autonomy of city-states outside Ba Sing Se, particularly in the western Earth Kingdom, became a heated political issue. The governments of the city-states attempted to use political and legal methods to gain more autonomy, and the royal government in Ba Sing Se issued decrees that attempted to rein in their autonomy.

This went on for 13 years until Avatar Maiara died in 855 BG. The ambitious king of Omashu, Zau, took advantage of the interim period before the next Avatar would be revealed to forge an alliance with other western city-states. They formed themselves into a new political entity called the Western Earth Confederacy. Under the new government, each city-state was completely autonomous, only banding together with the others for defense in war. This essentially split the Earth Kingdom into two nations. The royal government in Ba Sing Se was unwilling to let this stand, and so declared war on what they called the "western rebellion."

Early Stages

The very early stages of the war were marked by many violent battles as both sides fielded armies in the central Earth Kingdom, attempting to gain control of supply lines and establish national boundaries. By about 852 BG the front lines of the war formed in the central Earth Kingdom, far from both Omashu and Ba Sing Se.

For several years thereafter, until approximately 841 BG, both sides dug into their positions and held the territory they had gained. There were long periods of inaction punctuated by a large battle every few months. The Battle of Guiqiao, where Bi Junren was injured, was one such battle.

Effects of the Prohibition of Impediments

In 854, the reigning Earth King, Ao King Jinling, made the famous "Prohibition of Impediments." This was a decree which banned several activities and substances which he believed "impeded the mind." This included alcohol, betel, kava, skunkfish livers, as well as gambling. The king was under the influence of a certain school of Earth Kingdom spiritualism with very conservative beliefs, and had come to believe that morally and intellectually improper conduct from his people would be detrimental to the war effort. This decree was important for two related reasons, the first being that it facilitated the spread of Dai Zhiwu use. Because most analgesics available at that time also had recreational uses, they were largely banned by the Prohibition of Impediments. Therefore there were no useful painkillers available to injured soldiers. Battlefield doctors discovered that by crossbreeding two plants native to the central Earth Kingdom, they could produce the most powerful euphoriant ever known to the World of Four Nations. Since the hybrid plant was new, it did not technically fall under Jinling's decree. Many soldiers were initially given dai zhiwu to treat their wounds, but the plant was so addictive that discharged soldiers brought it back to Ba Sing Se and continued to use it. Eventually its addictive properties became known and the Earth King added it to the list of banned substances by 853, but by that time its use was already rampant in the city. After it became illegal the remaining Hei Chaoliu clans, especially the Ban clan under Er Shi Wu, began to distribute it in the city. This was the second important effect of the Prohibition. Demand for the drug was so great that the clans saw record profits. Wu became the richest man in the Earth Kingdom, behind only the Earth King himself, which allowed him to rise to a position of importance in Ba Sing Se. Avatar Zhengyi was raised by Er Shi Wu in this environment.

Later Stages

The Rise of Er Shi Wu

Avatar Zhengyi fled Ba Sing Se after having angered Er Shi Wu. After this, Wu began a plan to gain control of the military by getting a position in the Earth King's court. Wu assisted the authorities in "finding" caches of Dai Zhiwu and was able to frame rival clans for their possession, thereby eliminating rival criminals while manipulating the Earth King into believing he was a champion of the law. Eventually Wu was able to oust the former Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se and get himself named to the post. From there, he had total control over the drug trade in the city, able to distribute all the dai zhiwu he needed to make money, but also able to allow the authorities--whom he now controlled--to find as much as they needed to convince the Earth King that Wu was doing a good job. Within a few months Wu was bale to convince King Jinling to reward him with the command of an entire brigade of soldiers.

The Seventh Battle of Omashu

Wu took his battalion to the western Earth Kingdom to launch an attack on Omashu, attempting to flush Avatar Zhengyi out of hiding.

Fourth Battle of Ba Sing Se


Avatar Zhengyi brokered a peace agreement between the Western Earth Confederacy and Ba Sing Se, and oversaw the transition to a new dynasty of Earth Kings. Under the new Earth King, the city-states of the Earth Kingdom were given a greater amount of political autonomy, but were still domains under the royal government, the capital of which remained Ba Sing Se. The compromise was acceptable to most leaders on both sides, though some, such as Zau, were reluctant to agree and resented the loss of their power. However, Avatar Zhengyi successfully used his position to enforce the peace accord.

List of Known Major Engagements

  • Battle of Guiqiao
  • Seventh Battle of Omashu
  • Fourth Battle of Ba Sing Se

Behind the Scenes

  • In order to differentiate the two sides, names of characters from the Eastern area of the Earth Kingdom and Ba Sing Se are in Mandarin Chinese with hanyu pinyin romanization, while names of characters from the West are Cantonese Chinese with Yale romanization.

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