Sozin's Comet
Earth Kingdom
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January 18, 2013

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Birth of an Avatar

At the Fire Nation capital

The sky glowed an orange hue as the comet passed through the sky. Fire benders present at the Fire Nation capital could feel their power increasing. They stood there waiting. What they were waiting for became apparent when a large gong sounded. Everyone stopped talking at once. Their attention was drawn to two large doors that were now opening. A man in a long red robe stepped out of the palace, followed by the five Fire Sages with loud cheers from the crowd.

Silence fell as the man raised his hand. "On this day, the Earth Kingdom Avatar, Avatar Lee Fang, has passed from our world onto the next."  The crowd bowed their heads, for the Earth Kingdom Avatar was well loved.

"This means," The Fire Lord continued, "That the Next Avatar will be born in the Fire Nation." The crowds cheered. "Even now, one of our mothers is feeding the avatar from her own breast. Let us hope that the new avatar will bring honor and glory to the Fire Nation."

Somewhere in the Fire Nation

A man half ran and half walked as he made his way to his house. The fading light of the comet could still be seen and the man had never felt this powerful. The sound of an infant crying greeted his ears as he pushed the door to his house open.  He made his way down the hall to the place where he and his wife slept.

He saw her there, tired, but well, holding a bundle of blankets. He walked over smiling, as his two sons were already on the bed, staring at their new sister.

"What are we going to call her?" his wife asked.

The man looked down at his daughter, as a wrinkled pink face with golden eyes looked back up at him. "Sora," he said.

Eighteen Years Later

Near the Earth Kingdom

A tall girl of eighteen stood at the prow of the little boat, staring at the land mass in the distance. She was feeling a thrill of excitement. A tall man wearing the traditional blue hues of the Northern Water Tribe stood next to the girl. A smile touched his lips as he thought of his pupil. Despite waterbending being her opposite element, she had excelled in her training faster than any of his other students had. She was now ready to learn earthbending, although he feared that it would not be easy. He knew that they had little time before the storm fell on them hard.

He placed his hand on her solder. "Here," he said, handing Sora  a letter. Sora took it. "Give it to Master Zang. If everything goes well, you will have a new earthbending teacher very soon."

Sora nodded.  She bowed to her master and then walked over to the eel hound who was laying in the middle of the boat. The eel hound got up at her touch and slipped into the water and began to swim.  After half an hour, the eel hound got out and shook itself. Sora got off and then, walking side by side, the two companions made their way into the Earth Kingdom to find an earthbending master.

A man high up in a tree turned to his partner, who had the messenger hawk ready. Clutching his spy-glass, the Earth Kingdom soldier said:

"Send a message to the Earth King, the Avatar is here at last."

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