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ATLOM Logo By ShizukuTsukishima Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Miranda continuity.

Ba Sing Se

Earth Kingdom

Physical information

Eastern Hemisphere


Ba Sing Se

Form of Government

Confederate constitutional monarchy

Head of State

Earth monarch

  • Yuan (174 AG - present)
  • Earth Kingdom copper, silver, and gold pieces (formerly)

54rd Earth Queen

  • Guardian Tyro (Laogai Region)
  • Guardian Su (Rock Region)
  • Guardian Bolin (Republic Region)
  • Si Wong Region guardian (Si Wong Region)
First appearance
Location on map
Map of Earth
The Earth Kingdom is a massive continent led by an earth monarch and home to people who practice the art of earthbending. Being the largest of the four nations, it is ethnically diverse with a variance of customs and cultural traditions. The people of the Earth Kingdom are strong and persistent. The geography of the Earth Kingdom varies tremendously, ranging from wooded forests to blazing deserts, mountainous terrain, and grassy plains.


In 174 AGWu planned to abolish the Earth Kingdom monarchy in favor of independent regions.

The Earth Kingdom was then divided into four large regions; the Rock Region, the Laogai Region, the Si Wong Region, and the Colony Region.

Each of these regions has its own Earth Guardian, who is supposed to maintain balance and harmony to the nation.

Rock Region

The Rock Region is the southern part of the continent. It is the smallest region, though it mainly includes famous large cities as Gaoling, Omashu, Zaofu, in addition to less known smaller villages.

The Rock Region is guarded by Guardian Su.

Laogai Region

The Laogai Region is located in northeast. It is one of the larger regions, containing the great capital city of Ba Sing Se, Lake Laogai, and the Laogai Village.

The region is named after the great oracle of Laogai, who lives under Lake Laogai. It is ruled by Guardian Tyro.

Si Wong Region

The Si Wong Region mainly contains the Si Wong Desert and the Misty Palms Oasis.

Republic Region

The Republic Region contains the Earth Kingdom territories at the border of the United Republic of Nations, which the region is named after.

It is guarded by Guardian Bolin.

Author's note

Some parts of this article are taken from the section about this nation, the Earth Kingdom, of the canon article about the four nations.

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