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By SSJ-Trunks Part of the The War of Creation (Battle) continuity.
Chin the Great
Earth King Liang
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Earth Kingdom


10,000years ago


10,000years ago

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Earth Gauntlets

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Earth King


Earth Kingdom


General Fung Lee

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The Message

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SSJ Trunks

Earth King Liang is a character in the fanon The War of Creation by SSJ-Trunks.


Earth King Liang grew up to live in a life of luxury. He was raised to believe he had no equal and was a true winner. This went well for him as in his military career he has never lost thanks to his trademark Earth Gauntlets which he uses to smash peoples skulls in. He currently tutors the young General Fung Lee. They have been friends for years and Liang treats him like a brother. He has a relaxed outlook towards the war, unaware of the dark powers used by his enemy.

Liang played a key role in War of Creation, leading his Earth Kingdom forces against Fire Lord Shinzo. He fought in battles such as the Battle of Garsai. His tactics differed greatly from any other Earth King after him. He preferred to lead the troops from the front line rather than at the back. He was referred to as the 'Crushing Earth'.

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