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Book 1: "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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6 September 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

Zuko sent a message back to Aang with Hawky :

Dear Aang,

We will meet (by we I mean everybody you mentioned) in three days.


Fire Lord Zuko.

In Zuang, Roy Dest could free himself out of the prison, and he sneaked out of the prison before anybody could notice. He started traveling to what he did know as New ZeaZhao on foot, hoping to reach it in the safest way possible.

Ba Sing Se Earth King Hinku believed that Zuko was good, and apologized for telling him that he is as mean as his father. Hinku thought about using The Mechanist to help them, to make them new Earthbending Powered Tanks and to invent more big weapons.

The day ended after a ceremony was celebrated in New ZeaZhao (Plains Village), the ceremony was about beating the Avatar and the rise of the OGG.

Chapter 9: Earth King And Fire Lord

As Aang was spending his day with his family, Hinku finally decided to share his thoughts with Zuko, he invited Zuko to his palace at Ba Sing Se.

Zuko received the message, the message had the sentence come whenever you want so he decided to go to Ba Sing Se on the spot, he used an Air Balloon to go to there, he ordered a balloon driver to take him there, and he headed east to Zuang, so he can stop for lunch then continue his journey to Ba Sing Se.

Roy Dest was still walking to New ZeaZhao, he was passing through abandoned lands, and had no food, no water, nothing, he was exhausted, then he found a village, full of apple trees, and water sources, he ran to it, he ran and ran and ran, until he reached the village, and found out it was only his imagination. He decided to take a nap on the hot sands, "Ouch!" he said, but he soon got used to it.

When Zuko was flying above Omashu, he noticed Toph's Metalbending school, which was located next to the Bei Fong residence.

Aang flew to City of Sokka to go and teach Sokka how to play Pai Sho, he was playing with Hakoda, and telling Sokka what they did and why. After that, Sokka understood the game as Hakoda and Aang played another game.

Zuko arrived at Zuang, he landed on the metal-floored airbase, Metalbenders moved his balloon to a secure place.

Airbase guard: "Your Majesty, your balloon's code is..."

Zuko: "I need no code!"

Airbase guard: "Sorry, but it's necessary, sir."

Zuko: "You heard what I said, or didn't you?"

Airbase guard: "Your majesty, I fully understand your needs, maybe your servant can remember the code for you?"

While he was saying that, Zuko's driver was looking at the guard from behind Zuko, moving his hand around his neck indicating he will kill him, while the guard was smiling an evil smile at him.

Zuko told the guard: "He is not my servant," the driver smiled, "and yes he can remember the code, tell it to him."

The driver remembered the code then went with Zuko to eat in a restaurant.

In Ba Sing Se, specifically in Iroh's tea shop, Iroh heard two men talking.

First man: "So Mushi, did you here what happened in the Southern Earth Kingdom?"

Mushi: "No, Ching. What happened?"

Ching: "Well, since the old rules were restricting us to talk about the war, not many people know, because people like traditions, but I'm telling you, Fire Nation former Admiral Zhao escaped prison and took control of a village in the Southern Earth Kingdom."

Mushi: "That is old news!"

Ching: "I know, but the new news are that the Avatar tried to attack him, but the attempt was a big failure, rumors say that even with more than five Fire Nation airships defending him, he couldn't beat Zhao."

Mushi: "Oh man! The war finally stopped only just four year ago. Poor young Avatar."

Ching: "He's really unlucky."

Iroh thought Airships? Zuko. Avatar? Aang. It is good that Jimg is in Gaoling.

Aang played a match of Pai Sho with Sokka, while Zuko finished his lunch and went flying to Ba Sing Se.

Iroh gave two workers at his tea shop all the work, he told them that he has important things to do at [his] home for a while. Iroh went there, he sat on a rug, legged, he closed his eyes, and started saying Whita Jinga Zanta Limba Lai Laitussa Jinga Zanta in a quite voice. Suddenly, many invisible energy lines went fast through the earth, reaching every Order of the White Lotus member's place, and every member sat alone and repeated the same words Iroh did. When everyone was connected, Iroh said: " Jimg, a conflict is happening near you, you have been warned."

Jimg at Gaoling could here Iroh, because of the fast energy lines, he said: "New ZeaZhao, I know it. I will wait till he reaches me."

Jeong Jeong: "He was my student, he is very impatient."

Iroh: "Jimg, help the Avatar when he arrives back."

Jimg: "Okay leader, I will."

Iroh: "May I leave now?"

Everybody else: "Yes, grand lotus."

Iroh left the conversation.

Jeong Jeong: "Jimg, be careful with Zhao, he is not of the kind that can be argued with."

Jimg: "I understand, count on me."

The conversation ended as Iroh came back to his tea shop. Roy woke up with enough energy, he continued walking south hoping to arrive as soon as possible to New ZeaZhao.

Zuko arrived at Ba Sing Se airbase, and his driver remembered the code, Zuko went into the king's palace as an honored guest while his driver could take a nap at the palace.

Hinku: "Well, well, well. Fire Lord Zuko, you arrived earlier than I expected, you really are good. I apologize again for recent insults by me."

Zuko: "Apology accepted. What do you want?"

Hinku: "I thought that before the meeting, I have to tell you that I had thoughts... Maybe we can ask The Mechanist to create us new weapons to use against Zhao, he is already up-to-date with latest military inventions, so a secret weapon that he will not expect would be good."

Zuko: "Right. He can create Airbending-powered-balloons which look like the Firebending-powered ones."

Hinku: "That's one good idea we should keep in mind. Want a roast duck?"

Zuko: "No, thank you."

Hinku: "So what do you think about your forefathers' doings?"

Zuko: "I do not like to talk about that. But I will..."

As Zuko started describing how ashamed he is that Sozin is his great-grandfather and how was the war terrible to people, and made them always angry, Roy Dest arrived at New ZeaZhao.

Guards surrounded him with fire and asked him who he is, he answered: "I am Roy Dest! Ask Zhao, he knows me."

A guard: "Mingu, go ask Zhao to come here!"

The other guard went to Zhao's house and told him to come, he came.

Zhao: "Oh, It's you Roy Dest. What do you want?"

Roy: "I heard about what you've done. I was ordered by you know who to capture the Avatar, and I am pretty sure he will come back to you. I want to join you."

Zhao: "Oh, Great! Another ally! You have to help me, every single resident here helps, the ones who do not are either imprisoned or dead, and in your case, dead!"

Roy: "I agree!"

Back at Ba Sing Se...

Zuko: "So you just brought me all the way to here, just to make sure I am not in charge of Zhao?"

Hinku: "Don't get mad, this was a minor reason. The big reason was that I want to meet you in face, I hate messenger hawks!"

Zuko: "Okay." Then he paused, and continued, "I will go away now, I will think about inventions" and he thought Stupid King, at least he will help me end Zhao. Zuko went away and started wandering in the city, while his driver was asleep.


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