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By Avatarstate12 Part of the Fanon:The Legend of Kyoko continuity.
Earth Avatar
Biographical information
  • Vanar

United Republic of Nations

  • Gun Harj

Earth Kingdom

  • Jin Shu

Earth Kingdom

Personal information

Avatar Kyoko

Chronological and political information
First appearance
  • Vanar

"The Destiny That Was Never Meant To Be"

  • Gun Harj

"The Death of Ionnia and Gui"

  • Jin Shu

"The Bounty

The Earth Avatar first originated when a dying Vanar fused with the spirits of Earthbending, the Island and Desert Spirits, Dao & Shamo during the Harmonic Convergence of 10,171 A.G. Vanar died soon after, making the spirits reincarnate into Earth Avatar Gun Harj. He grew up and mastered the abilities of it. Due to Vanar being able to bend platinum, this is something that came in handy with the Earth Avatar State. Gun Harj grew to become and evil Dai Li agent. He ended up killing Avatar Ionnia, Water Avatar Moji, and himself after trying to blow up Ba Sing Se; the explosion reached only him and the two other Avatars.

Fog of Lost Souls

Kyoko and Jin Shu attempt to throw Huyia in the Fog of Lost Souls but to no avail.

Despite being Earth Kingdom, since the Earth Avatar is part spirit, they have a natural connection to the Spirit World. Which, all current Earth Avatars haven't had trouble with. The Earth Avatar's rule is similar to the Avatar, although there have been an evil one. Both of them look for Balance in the world. The Earth Avatar helps with this, mainly in the Earth Kingdom and United Republic.


  • Vanar is blown up by his daughter. But, he is still able to move, so he touches the Southern Spirit Portal and fuses with the spirits before dying immediately following the fuse.
  • Jin Shu is almost killed in the Earth Avatar State, just like Avatar Korra almost was.

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