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Book 1: "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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28 August 2011

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Omashu Without Bumi

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Old Glory Gang Rises (Part 1)

Previously, On Next Generations

Aang: "After I go to Omashu, I have to build a new settlement in the Earth Kingdom. Zuko will help me, right Zuko?"

Zuko: "Right, to the east from Omashu there's a wide non-settled place where we can build a new city."

Sokka: "So you'll be doing Earthbelding?"

In the OGG hideout...

Zhao: "Okay members, We'll have to gain allies. We can travel south to a small town named Plains village. We can go there and capture the village. I heard villagers there have a bunch of Earthbenders who were supposed to protect them from the Fire Nation but they are a bunch of thugs who steal the villagers. We can control them and rule that town which will make our new, bigger base."

In Omashu...

Toph: "Congratulations Aang, you're the first student who masters Metalbending!"

Aang: "Thanks you, teacher."

Chapter 5: Earth-building

Aang woke up in the house of the man he payed him, he went to the exit of the house where the man was standing and thanked him. He took Appa and when he hopped on Appa he saw a Fire Nation airship flying above him, he thought This is a fighting airship, I'll have to check it and said, "Appa, yep-yep!"

Aang flew and came in front of the ship.

Aang: "Stop! Who ordered you to drive this airship?"

Zhao quickly took Fu Gan and hid.

Jong Kong: "An Admiral in the Fire Nation military told us that he had orders from Fire Lord Zuko to supply this airship's weapons to the South Pole, Mr. Aang."

Aang: "Impossible! If that was true, then come with me to Ba Sing Se, the Fire Lord is settled there now."

Jong Kong: "Sorry but we have orders to supply the weapons as soon as possible."

Aang: "Fine!"

Aang flew away to Ba Sing Se as Zhao came to his son, "Good work, Jong Kong," said Zhao.

When Aang arrived at Ba Sing Se entrance, the guards said: "Avatar Aang, the war hero, it's an honor for us to host you in the biggest city in the world! Ba Sing Se!"

Aang thanked them and entered the city with Appa, he flew in the city to Iroh's tea shop, he kept Appa outside and went in, people in the streets were scared of Appa, people who wanted tea ran quickly to the tea shop.

Aang: "Hey there, Iroh!"

Iroh: "Everybody! Give a warm welcome to the young Avatar."

Aang: "Thank you, is your nephew here?"

Iroh: "Yes, Fire Lord Zuko is in the kitchen, come in."

Aang went to the kitchen and found Zuko.

Zuko: "Aang? What are you doing in Ba Sing Se?"

Aang: "I came here to inform you, there's a suspicious Fire Nation military airship heading south, I talked to their leader in the air and he told me they had orders from you to deliver the airship's weapons to the South Pole."

Zuko: "What?? I bet it's a captured airship!"

Aang slaps his forehead and says: "How I didn't think of that?"

Zuko: "Let's go!"

Zuko runs and takes Aang with him and says: "Aang, fly on Appa to where did the airship fly!"

Aang: "I don't think we can make it, we are far away from the South Pole, we can't make it before them!"

Zuko: "Ugh! What can we do?"

Aang: "Don't get so frustrated, there are Hakoda, Katara, Suki and Sokka."

Zuko: "I'll send two airships to the South Pole to make sure they're fine, I'll send a messenger hawk to Mai."

Aang: "Good idea."

Zuko: "Thanks for coming.. I guess."

Aang: "I also came for another reason... When will we start building a new city in the Earth Kingdom?"

Zuko smiled and said: "Now."

Zuko bought a messenger hawk and sent it to Mai, writing her to order the airships, Then he flew with Aang on Appa to the east of Omashu where nothing is made.

Roy Dest went to the man who hosted Aang and Appa and asked him where did Aang go, the man told him he flew in the early morning, Roy said, "Ugh! Stupid bad luck!" and went away.

While they're flying, the Old Glory Gang stopped in the air over Plains Village, Hiku hopped to the heart of the village Earthbenders came all around him, Zhao and Jong Kong started to blow fireballs on the Earthbenders' heads while civilians came to fight as well. Fu Gan began taking rocks from the earth and throwing them at civilians and Earthbenders, after a little time, five of fifteen Earthbenders were injured badly as well as two civilians, after that, the village surrendered and the leader of the village, an Earthbender named Gow, was not defeated after the war but still in his place, gave the leadership of the village to Zhao and he and his Earthbenders crew joined the OGG, the citizens of the village were asked to join the gang, the ones who did not accept were imprisoned.

After the fall of Plains village., Zuko and Aang landed on their desired place, there, they found that there were settled people who had tents as their homes.

Zuko: "Hi there."

A man who looked like the people's leader said: "Who are you?"

Zuko: "I am Fire Lord Zuko, the lord of the Fire Nation!"

The leader: "Fire what? We here live in this world, you do not exist. Are you an alien?"

Zuko: "What are you talking about? Do you know Omashu?"

The leader: "Hahahaha, I tricked you. Welcome, your majesty."

Zuko: "Does anybody know that you all are settled here?"

The leader: "Yes, people of Omashu know, only them. We had orders from past king Bumi to watch this place."

Aang hopped off Appa and said: "I'm the Avatar! Now me and Fire Lord Zuko are here to build a big city here, do you agree?"

The leader: "My name is Mushi, I am the leader of these people, we have many metal boards here which we use to reflect the sun on attacking airships, by this way we rip their balloons, but now our mission is done, but we don't want to go back to Omashu, we'd love a big city here."

Aang: "Great enough, we'll build a city here and name it Zuang. If you want, you can be the mayor. Can we use your metal boards as supplements?"

Mushi: "You can, one condition - I will be the mayor!"

Aang: "Okay!"

Mushi: "Before you start - do you need help? I have great Earthbenders here."

Aang: "I would be delighted!"

Aang and others bended earth to start create the city under Zuko's plans, then Aang bended metal as well. Just when the sun got set, the city was established and Zuko's messenger hawk came with a message :

I ordered them, they are in the South Pole now.

With love,


Aang and Zuko slept in the newly established Zuang, while it was another peaceful day at the Southern Water Tribe and Katara was still enjoying her mayor role as well as Sokka.

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